#TrollTheRespawnJeremy… That’d be a hilarious joke from Episode 5 of the new NETFLIX show UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT. While the series makes a lot of 80s and 90s references, it doesn’t shy away from commenting on contemporary pop culture as well. As usual, there is tons of comedy in a variety of forms.


Like most great sitcoms (ie: SEINFELD), UKS splits each episode into two storylines: the A story & the B story. To keep with the 80s references, I’ll refer to these as SIDE A and THE B SIDE – like those “like totally ancient” audio cassettes and vinyl records, dude.

SIDE A this time sees Kimmy falling head over heels for a fellow employee. The B Side has a fellow “Mole Woman” visiting NYC.


TITUS takes a more background role this episode, but that isn’t to say he doesn’t have a few laughs during his brief appearance. He talks with Kimmy about aging, “Am I a bear now? Am I a dad? (gasp) Am I a HUXTABLE?” Broadway favours the young, and he feels his time is running out. It’s causing a lot of anxiety. So the ever optimistic Kimmy tries to offer some advice, “Don’t worry. You can die at any time.” She’s oblivious as to how depressing that sounds.

Kimmy is so innocent and lovable… in that FORREST GUMP / LLOYD CHRISTMAS kinda way.

Since Kimmy was in the bunker since 1999 (saving herself from the Y2K Apocalypse), she’s itchin’ for some lovin’. She’s been single for a long time. She’s romanticized love for over a decade. When her co-worker (at JANE KRAKOWSKI’s opulent house) is nice to her, she thinks it’s love. A flirtatious kiss seals the deal.

There’s a great joke with a long gestating punchline (which pays off by the end) when he calls her at home. I’m not going to ruin why it’s so funny here. Let’s just say she misunderstood the conversation and those 3 magic words: “I love you.” 

Singing “Apocalypse, Apocalypse” Holiday Hymn

The B-SIDE… Mole Sister visits Kimmy, arriving in a convertible with a rich fiancé and lots of luggage. She totally JEFFERSON-ed it post-bunker. Sister is “movin’ on up.” The dilemma in this storyline is that her fiancé might be gay. He just might be cashing in on the fame of marrying a Mole Woman. There are a few funny situations spooling out of this possible ruse. Like Titus trying to seduce him to the tune of the FOOTLOOSE song. And when Kimmy advises her Sister to forget her old advice, saying “Listen to me… Don’t listen to me.”

Meanwhile on SIDE A, Kimmy pursues her diploma. Music plays as she goes back to school, the BREAKFAST CLUB song: “Don’t You Forget About Me.” Totally rad. She talks with the highschool counselor, who tells her she can’t enroll in Grade 8 because she’s an adult. Kimmy aims pop culture at her with a ballistic retort, “But BILLY MADISON did it.”

The way the counselor replies almost suggests this Adam Sandler character is actually real in this sitcom world. Like that same scenario really happened. That’s just priceless. Maybe that was a New York shout-out from writer Tina Fey to her fellow SNL alum? Unless of course, the counselor is being obnoxious like when she acknowledges the final film reference. Then again maybe the counselor knows the specifics of that movie’s story because this isn’t the first time a super-dumb adult thought Sandler’s movie was both plausible and inspiring. That makes it even funnier.

TINA FEY laid the groundwork creating this UNBREAKABLE series and setting up the comedic stylings with her remarkable writing

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the intent since UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT has such layered jokes. What may seem like a random joke could just need a little more thought to enjoy, or it might be a long payoff from earlier in the episode. I love the sheer multitude of laughs in every 30 minute show.

My favourite joke was at the end when Kimmy leaves the school. She poses like Judd Nelson from the end of THE BREAKFAST CLUB. She freezes like the movie. Except, the scene isn’t frozen here… just Kimmy living out her fantasy. Pure enjoyment!

Speaking of… I’m really enjoying watching / recapping / reviewing these episodes. UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT is the funniest show around.

I’m trying to avoid Spoilers, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about a specific scene or moment. If you’d like me to do a full recap (with spoilers) let me know in the comments section below.

pure optimism with another KIMMY-ism… from earlier in the season… you can endure anything for ten seconds

My hope here is to feel like you’re hanging out with a fellow nerd talking about one of your favourite shows. Let me know what your favourite jokes were and make this a two-way conversation.

I’d love for the nerdy community of SLIPpers to engage with one another. I know you’re out there. 😉

Stay tuned for my review of the next episode. Coming soon…

Do not let UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT slip/through the cracks.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Is ELLIE KEMPER your new favourite comedian?

One of my favourite jokes (I forgot to mention from an earlier episode) is when Kimmy talks to herself as she prepares for a lunch date. She’s excited. She says to herself, “It’s like that movie I saw… I know I saw it with you.”


Is UKS on par with TINA FEY’s previous writing in 30 ROCK?

What was your favourite moment?

Which jokes stood out for you?

Who is the best scene-stealing co-star?

Is this the best new comedy out there? Let me know what else is worth watching. I don’t want another UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT to slip/through the cracks.

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