deconstructing trailers: TRUE DETECTIVE – season 2

A mesmerizing new trailer for TRUE DETECTIVE: Season 2 just hit the Interwebs. It doesn’t give away too much, but definitely sells a certain vibe with a chilling atmosphere and contrasting song.

This stand-alone series already looks quite different than its predecessor. The story takes place in Los Angeles, somehow involving the construction of highways, and revolving around a conspiracy obscuring the truth behind a murder.

The impressive cast is filled with astounding talent. The starring duo this season are COLIN FARRELL and TAYLOR KITSCH. They portray the detectives investigating the manipulative antagonist, a slimy VINCE VAUGHN. The cast is rounded out with RACHEL McADAMS another authority figure working alongside the aforementioned detectives.

The trailer has no dialogue. I like this decision. We don’t really have any story details revealed, just what we can deduce from the imagery. There’s a great song playing over these pictures. The music juxtaposed with the visual conveys an almost haunting effect.

The brooding moody atmosphere shines slick at the edges with neon highlights. It’s a different vibe to the stark cracked edges of the desolate countryside in Season One. The first series wasn’t so polished in appearance. Whereas Series 2 feels like a MICHAEL MANN film.

I’m getting the vibe of a complex intricately weaved crime story. The trailer feels like one of my favourite authors JAMES ELROY’s epic crime novel BLOOD’S A ROVER. I hope we get an almost Film Noir meets DRIVE-type aesthetics here. With a dense conspiracy exploring several angles, we (the audience) won’t know what to expect. I’m thinking we’ll be highly engaged trying to decipher the mystery. I can’t wait.

Colin Farrell is a high profile choice for television. He’s the biggest star in this show. I’ve loved a lot of his work from TIGERLAND to IN BRUGES to DEAD MAN DOWN. Farrell draws your attention with silence. It seems like something dark brews under the surface. He seems like a tight coil read to spring. Combine these qualities with his charisma and Farell would have been a perfect JAMES BOND.

I wonder what his character’s motives are in TRUE DETECTIVE?

Taylor Kitsch is another actor know for his edgy performance and dark brooding sense about him. He’s perfect for a show like this. Kitsch hasn’t had the most luck in Hollywood, starring in some blockbuster stinkers, but I have a great feeling there’s more to this guy. He still hasn’t had his big break… yet.

Maybe his role here will draw a lot more deserved attention. I really enjoyed his layered role in the underrated BANG BANG CLUB, and had fun with his lighter performance in the Canadian comedy THE GRAND SEDUCTION.

Rachel McAdams might have found her CLARICE STARLING. McAdams is a true beauty, like old school Hollywood stunning. Her appearance in TRUE DETECTIVE is a stark contrast. I haven’t seen her explore this edgier territory yet. Her sharply angled short hair helps sell the transformation, but for me it was her posture – all geared up and mid-assault – in the trailer that got my attention.

I feel like McAdams could be a real revelation here for this audience. I loved her recent performance in A MOST WANTED MAN – a well-done adult thriller from a John Le Carre novel. I’m anticipating a shift in roles in the future. I want to see McAdams continue to pursue these dramatic complex stories.

I wonder if her character on TRUE will be essential to the plot? Will she have a twist? Are there going to be corrupt police in this season?

Vince Vaughn could be a big surprise here, especially for his usual audience. The man has tread into dark territory before with the poorly received PSYCHO remake and indie stuff like CLAY PIGEONS. I’m sure he might rely on his fast talking charm to mislead the authorities. I’m looking forward to this villainous turn from Vaughn.

season one

I wonder if Season 2 will have the same focus on the Occult and existential philosophy? I really appreciated the dark territory the original tread. We witness the obsession which drives our heroes. We see how it affects them.

By the end, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY’s character spent so much time in the darkness, in the mind of a killer, that he could see what they saw. He even crossed the threshold into their realm (by the finale sequence in The Cave of Stars). While this hidden access led to success, the years spent on the other side destroyed a part of him. Like Nietzche said, You look into the Abyss, and the Abyss looks back.

HBO creates some of the boldest television out there. They aren’t afraid of controversy either, as their documentaries demonstrate. Their series are not for the faint of heart. HBO approaches adult material in a cerebral manner. They aren’t afraid to go low brow, but more importantly they aren’t afraid to go high brow.

I can’t wait to absorb another intelligent thriller with the second season of TRUE DETECTIVE.

Is that Farrell behind the mask?Hmmm… Why would a detective do that?

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