deconstructing trailers – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5: ROGUE NATION

“Ready or Not” here it comes, another action-packed MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

The first trailer just hit the Interwebs, promising what we’ve come to know and love from the franchise. These movies are filled with spectacle, gadgets, dense plots, and fun. That’s right, “FUN”. I enjoy myself way more with these MISSIONS than with JAMES BOND. I know, it’s quite a risky statement for a movie nerd to make. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Bond films too. For me, TOM CRUISE’s franchise is just way more fun at the movies.

ROGUE NATION is the fifth movie in the series. The story goes that a renegade group of agents called the SYNDICATE are hunting down our Impossible Mission Taskforce. Cruise leads the way with returning regulars JEREMY RENNER, VING RHAMES and SIMON PEGG. I’m sure the plot will get a lot more complicated, but for now I’m sold on this seemingly simple premise.

The impressive trailer is cut to a new version of The Fugees hit “Ready or Not”. I love how the slowed down spaced out rhythm matched the editing. I liked the ominous droning Zimmer bass. And the ticking clock was a nice element. The music infused the images with a certain energy and established the tone of the movie.

The sequences build tension in themselves. We meet our main man, Cruise. His team-mates. We get a little action here, a little action there. Than BAM a big elaborate stunt sequence to seal the deal – as Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt hangs for dear life on the outside of a giant plane in flight.

Tom Cruise may not have the best reputation regarding his personal life. I’ll save that for the gossip columnists. SLIP/THROUGH is a place of positivity. And Cruise POSITIVELY knows how to pick a script. He somehow releases one impressive movie after another – concept driven movies. Recent action movies like EDGE OF TOMORROW, OBLIVION, and JACK REACHER exceeded expectations. His dramatic roles are sprinkled in between the fun projects. The most recent was VALKYRIE from director CHRISTOPHER McQUARRIE – the same man behind the lens for this MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

It looks like this time around the crew is minus PAULA PATTON. But one thing MI films know how to do is be sexy in between all that action and intrigue. Just like Bond films, except the Bond Girls here have a little more to do. Patton kicked some ass and worked the spy game in GHOST PROTOCOL. It looks like the tradition continues with ROGUE NATION. The trailer was also sure to showcase a few curves.

I wonder how the lead heroine figures into the plot. She was highlighted throughout and seems integral to the mission. It seems like she has ties to the Syndicate. I wonder if she was working undercover as a part of the Impossible Mission team. That would be intriguing. Maybe her cover is blown and Cruise comes to the rescue. Or he comes to warn her of the plan to kill their team. Either way, it looks like this character could have a few twists and turns. 

The action scenes in the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series are sheer spectacle. Even the first entry in the franchise had its super intense moments, including Cruise dangling on the rope. Pure suspense. The most recent film had that insane tower sequence. ROGUE has that crazy jump into a whirlpool of some kind. And the aforementioned plane spectacle. I like how we have such a crazy dangerous sequence and the characters are still cracking one-liners. Simon Pegg makes for good comic relief here. I can’t wait to see what gadgets he makes for this mission.

MI5: ROGUE NATION looks to deliver on its promise once again. It promises action and spectacle. These films always deliver. I eagerly await it. There’s quite a few summer blockbusters to look forward to this year. Based on franchise pedigree and this trailer, ROGUE is one of them. 

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Are you looking forward to another film in the MISISON IMPOSSIBLE series?

Do you like the cast?

Do you miss Paula Patton from GHOST PROTOCOL’s team?

behind the scenes with Tom Cruise

Are you a fan of the practical effects of the action sequences?

Do you think these movies are just as fun and sexy as the Bond films?

What do you think of Tom Cruise as an action hero?

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