fresh/press TV – THE WALKING DEAD: S5 E13

Our heroes wine & dine in PLEASANTVILLE. And I’ve got several theories about what’s brewing under the surface. I’m still not sure if I should trust the Mayor of Alexandria. I’m thinking this is exactly what we’re supposed to feel watching THE WALKING DEAD. We think and feel like our characters do. After so long out there we don’t know if we can trust any strangers either. They need to earn our trust. For me, this might take a few more episodes.

THEORY #1: The carved “W” returns. Rick and Daryl know about it, right. Do they connect this branding back to those torsos previously discovered in an abandoned truck? In my earlier reviews I suspected this “W” referred to a group of marauding thugs known as “The WOLVES”. There was a tag spraypainted in Noah’s neighbourhood. It said something like: “The Wolves are here.” With those bodyparts on the outskirts you might have thought this was food left to keep actual wolves from entering the neighbourhood. But with the carved initial you have to wonder what it all means. Maybe we’ll get some answers next episode?

Maybe these Alexandrians are The Wolves? A group to be feared by the outside?

The big event this episode is a dinner party – a get-to-know-you shindig. I sympathized with Tyreese’s sister here, feeling that same sense of illusory safety. These people are trading recipes and talking about insignificant topics when the world beyond those gates is full of zombies. They are all tricked by the illusion. They act and talk like the zombie apocalypse never happened.

THEORY #2: It makes me think if this veil of illusion was purposefully draped over our heroes and the citizens of Alexandria. I’m holding onto my WIZARD OF OZ theory from earlier reviews. I still think someone else might be running this town. Those videotaped interviews may have been for someone else to view and interpret.

Read more, and dig deeper… How far does the Rabbit Hole go?

Who’s The Wiz? Is there a religious angle with our new neighbours? Is there a new Messiah within these strange walls? Or strange Occult practices?

Was Daryl just conned big time? Were we?

I’m not sure if The Wiz is the Mayor’s husband. He seems a little meek. A little older than I expected too. In fact, a lot of these men seem almost demasculated. Is Aaron and his boyfriend the only gay men in town? I may be reading too much into this, but what if all of the traditional power-hungry exploiting men were exiled? What if they compose the gang of Wolves? What if they want Alexandria for themselves?

I’m thinking this might be why the Mayor was so quick to assign Rick and Michonne as Police. She needs some bad-asses in case of an attack. Although, she seemed rather suspicious about that watch tower. Was someone watching for flares when Aaron was spying on our heroes? Were they watching our gang approach Alexandria? Did they spy Rick hiding that gun in the blender nearby? Is this where the Wizard perches – watching everyone from a God’s-eye point of view?

Tyreese’s sister is having the hardest time adjusting. She doesn’t buy into the fake parties and false hope of Alexandria. She still needs to vent her emotions – like when she aimed at happy picture-frame families and blew them away. Maybe she doesn’t want to form a new family? She already lost her real one. Does she worry about making new family only to loose them too? Maybe more of our heroes should be hesitant like her.

Daryl is adjusting better than I envisioned. He’s “trying”. Like when he let Aaron scout the woods with him. There was actually a rather moving moment involving a wild horse. Daryl says something like, “The longer he’s out here, the more he acts like he’s supposed to.” I like this parallel with our heroes. Eventually, Daryl even tries to fit in with the rest of Alexandria by attending the party. He doesn’t last long, ducking out only to meet Aaron.

THEORY #3: After a spaghetti dinner, Aaron has a big proposition for Daryl. He wants our redneck Avenger to scout new people with him. To entice Daryl further, Aaron shows him to the garage where a motorcycle needing repairs awaits. Aaron says everything Daryl wants to hear. Since this is THE WALKING DEAD, my Spidey-sense started tingling. Aaron gained all this information during the earlier scouting mission. Now, conveniently, what they talked about comes into play. I wonder if Aaron grabbed up that bike from somewhere else, making sure they were in his garage so he could make Daryl an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The big question is WHY? Why would Alexandria want to trick or seduce our heroes? Why do they want them inside the walls? Daryl has his bike. Michonne has respect. Rick is tempted by his hairdresser – a new mom for Judith. At this point, our entire gang is lured into a (possibly) false sense of security.

And then there’s Carol. Sweet sweet Carol, acting all MR. ROGERS, playing the part of innocent helpless house-wife. She had the plan to sneak guns away from the armory. She’s the one hamming it up with the locals. She’s the “invisible” one. And she’s still listening to her gut, while the others are doubting their’s. They must think they are paranoid because of their experiences. They quell that paranoia for a chance of happiness and a return to so-called normalcy.

Carol knows her boundaries. But do you think she may have over-stepped them when that child busted her in the armory? She definitely put the fear in him, telling him the Zombi-pocalypse equivalent of a Brothers Grimm tale to keep him quiet.

OUT-THERE THEORY 2000… The boy is The Wiz. Not self-appointed though. Imagine these Alexandrians are overtly religious – like End-of-Days type loonie. What if they think this little boy is the Lamb of God or the new Buddha or something? They formed this society for his future. He will lead the new Dawn of Humanity. That’s why the selection process is so carefully tended to. The Mayor is planting seeds for the new Garden of Eden. All aggressive males are exiled. They were the problem with modern civilization. Men started all the wars. Men caused all the violence of the world. Our heroes are special, because they somehow walked that fine-line. They committed violence, but only when it was ethically correct. They don’t kill to gain power or exploit others. They do what’s necessary, weighing what is right as a heavy factor.

THEORY #5: Occult / Pagan / Wiccan reference time… This season has had several thematic references to religion and several overt ones. I’m thinking of earlier like finding a Priest and a church. Referring to the sacred house as nothing but “4 walls and a roof”. The framed Bible passages in the background of houses. The shack full of books, with the Bible on top. Then in Alexandria, pictures of Owls – representative of Occult God in Bohemian Grove (?).

Then last night, possibly with the “A” stamps on the hands. The hands selected by the little boy – the new Messiah (?) If you look at that upside down, as a symbol, it resembles a Horned God (or The Old One in Occult belief) – think a goat head with two horns. Is it important then that Rick was one of the selected? Occult practices refer to reclamation or claiming. Also, the Occult is a belief in Nature as God. Our group has returned to nature, and become more natural. Remember that parallel with the horse earlier. Is civilized Man better? Or is Natural Man the correct path for the species – living within its resources?

THEORY #6: Obviously, I’m not sure what will happen next. The most logical progression is that all is fine in Alexandria. The Mayor is to be trusted. But others on the outside of those walls want in. Rick and Michonne must lead the way in defending the town because The Wolves are coming.

Also, if the neighbours are to be trusted, what happens when they learn that Carol stole from them and lied about everything? Will Carol’s actions and doubt jeopardize the group? Will our heroes be asked to leave because one of their group stole guns? Wouldn’t the Alexandrians think our guys are planning their own attack to take the town for themselves?

What a haunting image to end the episode. Does Rick miss the outside?

This episode was another one focused on drama and the inner-workings of our characters. The intrigue came from what was boiling under the surface. I’m sure all this tension will snap the taught wire of false security soon enough.

Happiness and safety are not hallmarks of THE WALKING DEAD… Danger is. And I expect a lot more danger next week as the season builds towards its finale. Only 3 episode left?!

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Should we be doubting the intentions of the Alexandrians?

Should we allow ourselves to feel safe? Is the real threat beyond the walls?

What’s with the carved “W” in those zombie’s heads? Who are The Wolves?

Is their a religious dynamic coursing through the veins of Alexandria?

the Horned One – a new Messiah ?

Who is the Wizard of Oz character here, should my strange theory prove correct? Is it that curious little boy? Is he a new Messiah?

What’s up with the rest of our gang like Maggie and Glenn?

What’s up with Carl and that teenage girl who climbed the walls last time out? Did she sneak away to The Wolves? Is she on a recon mission? Will Carl figure it all out? Will he act first then talk with Rick later?

Is there an upcoming split in the group? Will Michonne lead another team of survivors? Did she hang up her sword far too soon?

Pagan Wolf Prayer – Does this connect with The Wolves in the Show and my weird Wiccan Owl theory?

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