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MARVEL just released the FINAL trailer for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON this morning, a day before the Big Announcement hits. There was a surprise introduction at the end, and tons of new footage to get excited about.

I’m going to dive into some theories and talk about what I loved most from this new trailer. But that’s not all…

There will also be in-depth analysis about which version of SPIDER-MAN could cameo in AVENGERS 2, as well as casting ideas, and other theories. THEN I’ll breakdown what mind-blowing events could happen in Marvel’s PHASE THREE.

First up, that trailer…

Wow. We got tons of new footage. There were darker moments and lighter ones. A few good jokes fly past us, whizzing by like Iron Man in top flight. I like that we had a few of those moments with BLACK WIDOW (like with Cap’s shield). Let me pick a few scenes to comment on.

The first thing that got me excited was seeing more of Ultron’s lair. QUICKSILVER and SCARLET WITCH approach his throne as he speechifies. It looks like he sends them out to fight our beloved AVENGERS.

I love Joss Whedon but he’s got his work cut out for him, when it comes to Quicksilver. How can he possibly live up to BRYAN SINGER’s scene-stealing version of this character in  the latest X-MEN. I’m also wondering how these heroes fit into the larger story. Comic fans might remember that these two siblings are actually the offspring off MAGNETO – so I know that will change. I’m looking forward to a new backstory.

ELIZABETH OLSEN is one of favourite rising stars. She stole my attention and kept it with her role in the indie drama MARTHA, MARCY MAY, MARLENE. She definitely has more than enough acting chops to portray a superhero. This might come in handy when the Avengers try and negotiate with SCARLET WITCH & Quicksilver to turn against Ultron and join them in battle.

Tons of robots clamber towards our heroes like a swarm of ants towards fallen ice cream. HULK does what he does best. SMASHES. I’m wondering if Stark works with Banner or THE VISION on creating a virus to hack Ultron’s minions and shut them down. Hulk can’t smash forever. That said, this was just a straight up cool visual sequence.

I’m thinking the key to this mystery is vibranium – the strange metal from Wakanda (BLACK PANTHER’s home country) and the same material ULTRON and CAPTAIN AMERICA’s shield is made of. One of the coolest moments was the shield imbeding into Ultron. What else can hurt this menacing robot with superior intelligence? And how useful is that shield if Ultron can break it?

The best Hulk moment was with IRON MAN. They have a fist fight… on the side of a building… as they fly up and past it, shattering windows as they go. This was just another really awesome visual. You really get a sense of speed and power. I wonder if Tony is in that Iron Man suit or if this one is controlled by ULTRON somehow? Or is that what’s happening with the HULKBUSTER armour?Ultron’s expansive and interconnected Artificial Mind has hacked the armour’s computer?

Hulkbuster is the puppet, and Ultron the puppeteer.

SPIDER-MAN analysis

The question is which version of SPIDEY will MARVEL decide upon? Peter Parker? The ULTIMATE comics? MILES MORALES? I think the boldest decision would be a CIVIL WAR reveal, like in the comics (SPOILER FREE). And the character in the suit is Morales. A young half-black / half-Mexican teen. That would be something else, for sure.

I imagine if SPIDER-MAN details are revealed in the upcoming Announcement, it will simply say he’s in AVENGERS 2 or he debuts in CIVIL WAR. I’m not sure if they will work him into the feature film, unless there is a post-credit scene showing our favourite web-slinger taking a photo from some high up perch. He witnessed the devastation of the finale fight against ULTRON and is making a quick buck by selling photos to the DAILY BUGLE and a returning J. JONAH JAMESON (played once again by Oscar winning JK SIMMONS).

I’m thinking the SPIDER-MAN we have to see (in whatever movie MARVEL decides) is the one and only PETER PARKER. It’s not like we need to see another origin story. We can just hop in with Pete already fighting crime as the Webbed One. On the other hand, if it’s Morales we may need an origin story. How did this kid get to be a superhero? Not all of us are familiar with his tale.

Lerman 4 Parker ?

So who would play the new Peter Parker? How young will the casting go? I’m almost positive us nerds will be hypothesizing well past the March 5th Announcement. The rumoured favourite is LOGAN LERMAN, who most recently co-starred alongside BRAD PITT in FURY. He impressed me in coming of age drama PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER.

I’d like to see someone like ANSEL ELGORT step into the costume. He starred in one of my favourite dramas this past year, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. With that role, starring alongside SHAILENE WOODLEY (who was to play MARY JANE in AMAZING SPIDEY 2), he demonstrated a comedic ability and a stellar emotional display. I really rooted for his character in that sad romance. I’m sure we would all relate to him as a young Peter Parker too.


Another hot commodity in young Hollywood is TARON EGERTON, the star of THE KINGSMAN. I’m sure he’ll be rumoured in every upcoming genre picture this year. His performance in this young JAMES BOND spoof, proved he could hold the screen alongside heavyweights like COLIN FIRTH and Marvel’s own SAMUEL L. JACKSON. He handled the action just as well as the comedy – two essential qualities to play THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN.

Whichever actor MARVEL chooses, they’ll have to compliment the recently announced DREW GODDARD’s vision. This is the man behind CABIN IN THE WOODS (co-written by JOSS WHEDON of AVENGERS fame and co-starring THOR himself HEMSWORTH). He was rumoured to direct SONY’s SINISTER 6, but those plans have since been abandoned. For me, this seems to suggest Marvel is looking for a darker approach. I think this is great. I love it when Marvel selects NERDS to helm their features.


I’m hoping the CIVIL WAR movie follows the comic story (like Millenial says), but I hope we’ll have some new twists to enjoy. For now, I’m interested in how our heroes react to the Superhero Registration Act. In the comics, this paralleled increased security after 9/11 and extended government reach to spy on its people. This compelling subject matter debated by IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA should be exciting stuff. Should our heroes keep their identity secret? Will their enemies know who they are and kidnap their loved ones or something nefarious?

If there is a split in THE AVENGERS, I’m thinking it will be AWAY TEAM and HOME TEAM. Thor, Hulk, Cap are the primary teammates on Earth. While IRON MAN heads to the stars and joins the battle for the GALAXY with our favourite GUARDIANS, and another new recruit: CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Eventually our two teams of Avengers will team up and face a new outbreak of superheroes after the events of the INHUMANS. Where, mysteriously, new heroes are born from some sort of expirement gone wrong. Maybe something like the large Hadron Collider opens a rift between time and space, leaking some strange magical new properties onto Earth.

Ah yes, INFINITY WAR. The event all these Marvel movies have been leading up to. The biggest crossover possible. All those Infinity Gems the COLLECTOR seeks will be gathered by THANOS, threatening the entire galaxy with the INFINITY GAUNTLET. You may remember these from movies like THOR (and the tesseract) and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Eventually, we will meet ADAM WARLOCK, the only one who has enough power to wear the Infinity Gauntlet – besides big bad baddie Thanos (that blue dude in the throne from GUARDIANS). I’m saying MARVEL will divert from the comic books here… Warlock will be someone we’ve been curious about since this summer. Warlock is STARLORD’s true father: “a being composed of pure light.”

Nerdy nerds will remember seeing Warlock’s cocoon in the Collector’s trophy room.

I’m really looking forward to seeing WAKANDA on the big screen. I can’t wait to see how BLACK PANTHER turns out. He’s a super powerful rich King, of a highly civilized and high tech society. I’m also anticipating the darker possibilities of DOCTOR STRANGE. I’m thinking this movie will be a one off, and we’ll only see brief (yet pivotal) appearances by Stephen Strange in the other Marvel movies. Unfortunately, I feel like this character will get stuck in limbo… erm, I mean the astral plain.

I love the outer space heroes. GALAXY is my favourite of all these Marvel franchises. So I’m also looking forward to seeing CAPTAIN MARVEL soar through the cosmos. I can’t wait to hear who they announce as the titular hero.

concluding with more on the ULTRON TRAILER

I loved the way this final trailer ended – a close up glimpse at our mysterious ally THE VISION. Will the Announcement tomorrow show a full view of this anticipated character? I like that Marvel doesn’t need to reveal everything at once. The Vision just might be the answer to defeating Ultron.

The first trailer highlighted the HULKBUSTER. That one image sold thousands of tickets. Iron Man in giant armour battling the Hulk… sign me up too.

I bet Marvel could have released a trailer with orchestral score, a black screen, some fight sounds, then a 5 second reveal of this Hulkbuster clip – and we would all still see the movie. No further advertizing is required.

That said, I’m glad we saw more. I can’t wait to see AVENGERS on the big screen.

How could tomorrow’s Announcement get me any more excited than all this new footage?

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

How deep will HULK (Banner) and WIDOW’s relationship grow?

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