fresh/press TV – THE WALKING DEAD – S5 E12

Tonight was one of the spookier episodes of THE WALKING DEAD. It was terrifying, but not in the usual sort of way. The terror stemmed from what was brewing under the surface. Don’t get me wrong, we still got our fair share of zombie gore-fest.

The gates open to AARON’s community and surprise, surprise there isn’t an army with weapons aimed waiting for them inside. Instead it seems like a normal sub-division filled with large houses. Rick is met by their leader, and asked to be interviewed in front of the camera.

I wondered why do they want to record new neighbours, didn’t you? It would be creepy if the “Leader” was sent out to interview Rick and our gang by the true Mayor, the Zombie Apocalypse equivalent of the WIZARD OF OZ. There’s no place like home, right. And this place sure seems like home – a dream come true.

Rick transforms after he looks at his bearded reflection and barely recognizes himself. He shaves off that gnarly beast and resembles the policeman we met way back 5 seasons ago. This metamorphosis continues as Rick befriends a neighbour (Alexandra Breckenridge of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Season 1, as the sexy housemaid). She comes a knockin’ after Rick is showered and shaved. She isn’t worried about this stranger. She is more than willing to be alone with him, seemingly oblivious to the possible danger. We know Rick is a good guy, but she doesn’t. Yet.

I wonder how this relationship will develop…

the new neighbourhood definitely has better fences

We briefly meet her husband later that night. He’s hidden in the shadows of his front porch nursing a beer or something. I’m thinking he’s also nursing a grudge. Jealousy’s a brewing, should this follow the cliche. I also thought, since we didn’t see the full reveal of this guy, he could be missing a limb or two. Maybe they found a way to stop the virus from killing the injured after a bite? Like our heroes. Or maybe he was involved in a scuffle with The Wolves. Yeah, I’m still holding onto that theory. 😉 But hubby might be emotionally volatile since he could feel useless without an able body perhaps.

the real sheriff… CARL

The neighbourhood seems legit. Although there aren’t many grown men around. We meet some younger men later, and they seem quite tempermental. It’s almost too perfect. However, there’s a nice sidestory hinting at some mystery. Carl watches a fellow teenager climb the town’s wall. Now he knows this fellow newcomer isn’t weak like the rest of them seem to be. Carl follows her out to investigate. I wonder if she is a part of another group (cough Wolves cough)? She could be sneaking out supplies to a friend? Maybe she’s doing some recon as a spy? Intriguing stuff.

the burning of the Great Library in ALEXANDRIA

The nerd in me noticed how many books the town had. Imagine how valuable this resource would be in the Apocalypse? Art. Imagination. Escape. It wasn’t just one scene either. There were a few with bookshelves, or characters reading books. I think it’s important to note that the town is called ALEXANDRIA. Wasn’t that where the GREAT LIBRARY of ancient history (Egypt) was burned to the ground? It contained so many precious and rare books – the goal was to preserve the knowledge for future generations. I wonder how this connects to our story?

I also noticed the GREEK names of people too. HELEN (of TROY for example). Hmmm. Could be something? Or the writers had some history books in their office that day 😉 I’m thinking it hints at another Greek Tragedy, Zombie Apocalypse style. How will this new society reflect Hellenistic Culture and the rise of ROME (a.k.a. birthplace of modern civilization)?

I’m still not trusting the Mayor / Leader of Alexandria. I wonder if she wants to see a change in town. The twist reason why? Someone told her to interview our crew. They wanted a way to see them and meet them without them knowing who really runs this town. The Wiz, right? Now, imagine our leader is fed up with him. Imagine he suspects this. I’m thinking there’s another reason those interviews were recorded… The Wiz is making sure The Mayor is reading her prepared speech (his words) correctly. I know it’s out there, but this is THE WALKING DEAD. Like Fox Mulder used to say, “Trust No One.”

That said, I really enjoyed seeing our heroes get assigned jobs as they slide into place like a puzzle piece for this town. It was strange but welcoming to see Rick don the uniform again. But just like Carol, I think a part of him is dressing the part to appease the new community leaders. Rick sums his motives up rather nicely in the end when he says if things go sour they’ll takeover the town.

Our heroes certainly walk the line between good and bad don’t they. It’s a tight rope balancing act. Let’s hope they don’t rush to judgement and make a mistake, loosing their footing only to fall. Alexandria seems like a utopia – a shimmering mirage in the desert. How long before we learn if it’s an illusion or not?

What do you think?

Leave a comment below… You speak… I hear…

Do you trust the Mayor of Alexandria?

If all is true, imagine if a group of baddies comes along and attacks?

Will a mutiny form within the group, where some don’t feel safe staying and leave?

the hairdresser – Rick’s new best friend ?

What did you think of the hairdresser? Will Rick develop a relationship with her? Will he help her with a problem?

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