nerd review AGENT CARTER – S1 E6


DOTTI, the lethal blonde bombshell / Russian secret spy sets her plan into action. Lucky for us, she’s not the only one. This means lots of action and excitement for our small-screen entertainment that is MARVEL’s AGENT CARTER.

Peggy Carter’s fellow agents finally come to their senses and suspect something nefarious is going on with her. She’s a lot more than a simple coffee-fetcher. These two factions threaten Carter in one of the most exciting episodes in this young series. All that action and some good laughs too. AGENT CARTER continues to be an entertaining television series with the aspirations and attitude of a motion picture.

Carter is no slouch. She’s also onto Dotti – even if she doesn’t know it yet. At the moment she just suspects a little girl who has grown into an assassin. She tries to convince her fellow agents early on in the episode. I loved the parallel of Dotti, a Russian trained agent secretly among us… like Peggy in the office. This is the first of several cheeky laughs sprinkled throughout the episode. I also liked the irony, as Peggy talks of women being dismissed (like herself with these guys), thus gaining the ability to blend in and disappear. Someone like Dotti would be looked at as helpless and dumb to a chauvenistic male of that time. That and she can use her beauty to her advantage too. A timeless advantage. 😉

Keep reading for more action and laughs and nerdy analysis… This was one of the better episodes of AGENT CARTER…


This episode has several lighter moments. Like when Peggy’s waitress friend delivers a bold and sassy monologue. We wonder to who, then we realize it’s an audition speech she’s practicing in the diner to a customer. Of course, Carter’s around too. And Jarvis is here to meet her. YES. Jarvis is back. For me, he always provides a few good chuckles. Right away he got me with his mention of wanting to be “back on the team.”

Next up, Dotti vs slimy employer. He gets girls alone, luring them with a promise for an audition. He says he’s “looking for someone with ambition. Are you that someone, Dotti?” Oh yeah. She answers by breaking some bones. And Dotti wins the role of best assassin. Let’s just say she drills him for some information. There’s also a nice CUT TO jackhammer sounds in the street, as a transition between scenes.

Carter & Stark

Agent Daniel, the injured war vet, talks with the inmate who saw Peggy talk to Stark on the docks. Daniel says, “You said a girl beat you up?” The man replies, “Yeah, let’s keep that under wraps.” The best joke of the night. This guy doesn’t want his new neighbours (ie: friendly inmates) to hear that. The man adds that he saw her with a truck full of nitromin, then asks, “Who is she?” The agent replies, “Not who I thought she was.” I’m thinking his opinion will change yet again. Maybe by next episode? More on that later…

There was another great sequence for laughs. This episode has a great blend of mystery, action, and comedy. Good stuff. The scene I’m thinking of is the list of women Stark has dated. He bought jewelery for them too. It’s a long list. Haha. Jarvis adds another quip, “Well, it was Oscar award season.” Very tongue in cheek. It continues with a hilarious montage as Carter and Jarvis team up to interview Stark’s long list of women scorned. Jarvis gets the blame for Stark, he’s kicked and slapped over & over again. Peggy adds another joke, “Those women were far less violent before they met him (Stark).”

Then later, Jarvis must entertain a kid while Peggy searches for clues in Dotti’s apartment. She finds scratches on the bedposts. Of course, she makes the connection to the Leviathan program of girls forced into spyhood. Not 50 SHADES OF SPY style. The kid doesn’t leave Jarvis alone until he pays him. He calls the kid a future gangster. Anyone catch the boy’s name? It wouldn’t be Al would it? Little Al Capone?

Coolest moment…. Dotty aims down her sniper rifle. Carter’s Chief is in the office with the Russian scientist Peggy and the Howling Commandoes rescued last time. I thought Dotti was going to silence him with a bullet. Then her scope flashes – was that the sun glinting off the scope? No, it’s a visual Morse code. She’s working with the scientist. It was a great moment of visual storytelling. So exciting. The Russian Bill Nye talks back with dashes and dots, drawing his fingers on the window sill for Dotti to see trough the scope. The message? “Kill Peggy Carter.” NOOoooOO! However, Dotti is a worthy adversary. This will be a great showdown in AGENT CARTER town.

And the crazy stuff continues. That Russian scientist has a hypnotic ring gadget working on Chief BOARDWALK. How much has this villain planned out, how far does his evil reach extend? And is he Keyzer Soze?


Wow. Then we get a rather impressive action scene as AGENT CARTER kicks ass in the diner with great hand-to-hand skills and creative BOURNE-like use of the environment. Jarvis even gets into it. Then, holy convenient plot twists Batman…Jack (the dapper agent who went to war with Peggy last time) confronts her outside the diner, working for the ‘man’ instead of trusting his fellow agent. And THEN… Daniel shows up SCOOBY DOO-style, gun raised and revealing his suspicions. Carter knows he’s a good guy and risks it, she moves anyways, he lets her go. Daniel needs to know more before he acts – a good juxtaposition to Jack.

Finally, Peggy retrieves that super-special gadget from her apartment, mere seconds before the agents bust in. Carter finds herself in a familiar precarious position for movie spies since JAMES BOND: outside the window, skirting along the thin edge. Cliched? Sure, but exciting none-the-less. Although, it’s hard to not think of JIM CARREY spoofing this very same cliche in ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE.

waitress / actress / ally

Fast forward… After some help from her waitress friend turned Best Actress Nominee, Carter dodges all those agents, only to run into another Best Actress nominee: Dottie, the Russian spy, who uses the young dumb blonde woman dismissal to great effect, tricking even Peggy. She never had a clue, and who would have seen that kiss coming? But thank you, AGENT CARTER writers. Dur, more Russian spy gadgetry – poisonous knock out lipstick. Don’t you hate it when that happens.

Dottie plays dumb with the agents. But I couldn’t help but think why doesn’t Peggy say anything about Agent SALT? Would the agents not believe her? Isn’t it worth the risk? Or is that drugged lipstick voice sensitive? 😉

The episode’s cliffhanger lays it all out on the table, kind of literally right. Daniel places the device containing Captain America’s blood right in front of her. Will Carter finally come clean? Will this lead her to tell of Dotti, the Russian spy? I’m expecting Daniel to believe her and help convince the rest.

I’m looking forward to the ultimate showdown though. for sure. Peggy vs Dotti… Let them fight.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

You speak… I hear…

Only two more episodes left? How will this all end?

Are you looking forward to the special agent showdown: Carter vs Dotti?

Do you like it when AGENT CARTER focuses on some laughs? Was this episode one of the better ones?


What do you think of our hero, HAYLEY ATWELL?

What will that secret vial of blood be used for? Who wants it?

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