coming soon… TOMB RAIDER reboot movie

LARA CROFT fans, I’m talking to you… There’s another TOMB RAIDER movie on the horizon. Recent rumours hit the Interwebs regarding a reboot to one of the most successful video game turned movie franchises ever. Over a decade ago, ANGELINA JOLIE *cough* “filled” the role nicely. The big budget film’s success led to a sequel. And then nothing. For years and years.

Until now… The recent re-imagining of TOMB RAIDER (the videogame) was met with critical and gamer acclaim. This series took the PREQUEL / REBOOT approach, telling us the story of a young Lara Croft in her 20s. The gameplay was so exciting and the cut scenes were nearly on par with a feature film. The focus here was on survival rather than ass-kickery. Our hero actually gets injured a lot, and has to deal with the repercussions.

What helped this game the most was the cinematic experience of the actual gameplay. So it all seems like a natural fit to turn into a movie (young adult franchise?). Screenwriter EVAN DAUGHERTY will adapt the game for the big screen. He’s already adapted several properties into feature films: DIVERGENT, SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN, and the recent TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Um, is this good news, or bad news? You… decide.

Maybe in a year or two you can put your joysticks down and head for the movies to watch this female INDIANA JONES go on an action-packed adventure. I haven’t heard any rumours as to who would play our next favourite TOMB RAIDER (to Indy… ‘natch). A lot of our great young actors have already been scooped up in superhero franchises and STAR WARS films. So who’s left to “fill” those Croft-ian boobs? — Dur… Um, boots, I mean “BOOTS”.

Here’s a few ideas…

A L E X A N D R A    D A D D A R I O

I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind… of course. In a perfect world, I could finish casting the lead in one second. ALEXANDRA DADDARIO. Booom! Done. Obviously, for TOMB RAIDER you need an actor who can handle the physical demands of the action sequences. The character is known for her curves. So… check that box… But you also need some acting ability. I haven’t seen Daddario try on a British accent yet, but I’m sure she could pull it off. With each role, her dramatic capabilities seem to increase. If the movie follows the recent game, she will also have to meet some emotional requirements to sell the storyline. I feel like Daddario is ready for this. She was impressive in HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE. Others may recognize her from the PERCY JACKSON films or the most recent TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.

J E N N I F E R   L A W R E N C E

Who else could play Ms. Lara Croft? How about everyone’s favourite: JENNIFER LAWRENCE? She’s finished with HUNGER GAMES. She has an opening in her schedule for a franchise leading action hero. If she was interested in a role like this (a big “if”, I assume) the film would make tons and tons of money. From guys alone. An actor like Lawrence would also draw in the female crowd, which until recent years was a much ignored demographic.

J U N O   T E M P L E

For a lesser known approach I’d aim my casting glasses at someone like JUNO TEMPLE. I’ve loved every single role she’s played. Even a little fairy in MALIFICENT. But I’m really thinking of starring roles like the indie werewolf / lesbian love story JACK & DIANE… and the recent black comedy / horror HORNS with Harry Potter himself DANIEL RADCLIFFE.

T A T I A N A   M A S L A N E Y

Other actors that factor into a lot of genre movie rumours would also make a good Croft. How about TATIANA MASLANEY from the Canadian series ORPHAN BLACK? She has the acting chops required, and then some. What about ANNA SOPHIA ROBB from SOUL SURFER? Or a lesser known actress like INDIA EISLEY from a lesser known crazy action flick KITE.

Well, there you go, more than enough nerdy ideas about the upcoming TOMB RAIDER reboot. I hope you liked some of my casting ideas. Let me know in the comments below… And let me know who YOU would cast. I’d love to hear from you!

What did you think?

You speak… I hear…

E M M A   W A T S O N

Who should play LARA CROFT next? I’m sure the Interwebs want EMMA WATSON or something. And that’s not a bad thing… necessarily.

ANGELINA JOLIE in the previous TOMB RAIDER movie

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What videogame movie would you like to see happen next?

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