coming soon… AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON

The day is getting closer and closer… AVENGERS 2 will hit the silver screen in a couple of short months. To feed our appetite upon awaiting its arrival, MARVEL has released several new images and a new poster. This nerdy little analysis will include plot predictions and other AIN’T IT COOL-type news.

concept art from WINTER SOLDIER… FALCON and CAP

It pays to read the fine print… Check out the credits in those newly released AVENGERS 2 posters. Did you see it? FALCON returns in the sequel to the best of MARVEL STUDIOS’ epic line-up / long succession of blockbuster hits.

Sharp eyed nerds will also notice THE VISION flying in the upper left of the poster. This mysterious character has been kept under wraps thus far. PAUL BETTANY will done the cape, but we have yet to see any official images of him in character.

my favourite version of SPIDER-MAN growing up… pencils and inks by TODD McFARLANE

I can’t be the only one wondering how AVENGERS 2 will tie into the upcoming CIVIL WAR movie. How much will its events setup the future CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel? Will the post credit sequence of ULTRON highlight our favourite web slinger? I’m sure the theatre will rupture with applause if SPIDEY shows up. Many a pair of pants will be ruined by the stains of many a geek-gasms… Ewww. Did I just go too far there? 😉 I’m sure it helps paint the picture though. Fanboys will be very excited.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR teased us with a Tweet recently, informing us of an upcoming press release. What information will MARVEL hit us with next? Will we finally see what THE VISION looks like? Are we getting a new trailer? I’m thinking there might be something more brewing behind the red curtains.

Is there a reason Downey was the one to pimp the news? I have an idea or two (of course)… 😉


After ANTMAN, comes CIVIL WAR where the focus will be on CAPTAIN AMERICA. Logically, CHRIS EVANS will be the one to Tweet news for that one. But why was TONY STARK himself selected as publicist this time? I have my theories. This may be the last chance for Downey to lead the media train.

There are a couple of reasons here. One is logic, one is fantasy. First, Stark (IRON MAN) will take a backseat in the future Marvel films. He could become the next NICK FURY, appearing in each movie for a scene or two. He would thus retire from the Avengers team, and allow the new youngbloods to fill the roster.

fanart of JOAQUIN PHOENIX (formerly rumoured) as DOCTOR STRANGE… rather than the announced BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

I’m thinking of ANTMAN, FALCON, QUICKLSILVER, SCARLET WITCH, BLACK PANTHER, DR. STRANGE, mother blippin SPIDER-MAN… and maybe WAR MACHINE. As you can see, the names pile up quickly and there’s only so much screentime to spread around. Even a master storyteller like JOSS WHEDON will have problems juggling all these superheroes – especially if you add IRON MAN, CAP, THOR, HULK, BLACK WIDOW (if she doesn’t die in AVENGERS 2), and HAWKEYE (if he doesn’t die – is this the Avengers or THE EXPENDABLES?).

The second reason is a whopper… I’m thinking Downey a.k.a. IRON MAN might actually make the ultimate sacrifice this time around. In AVENGERS 1 he nearly died saving the world. Maybe in the sequel, he does. This might anger fans, but it would also add much needed stakes to the superhero universe. Like WALKING DEAD does so well, if a main character dies the audience is in a constant state of fear. If heroes can die, we are a lot more emotionally invested in their struggles. Action scenes weigh more. And we’re always on the edge of our seats in anticipation and fear.

What’s that, my fellow nerds? This idea totally ruins the familiar storyline from the CIVIL WAR comics. It can’t possibly happen. Well, that famous comic series and its shocking events are so well known maybe MARVEL wants to surprise its audience. When we heard SPIDEY was involved in CIVIL WAR, us comic book nerds knew exactly why. We already know the twist.

totally rad artwork (once again) from the mad scientists at DEVIANTART

That leads me to my (over-analytical) theory: the death of TONY STARK. 😉 If he isn’t there to battle CAPTAIN AMERICA over Superhuman Registration Act we will have a whole movie chock full of delicious twists and turns. Will the Spectacular SPIDER-MAN step into his role, leaving the plot-twist for a future AVENGER like BLACK PANTHER?

It’s a bold prediction, I know… but that’s what I’m coming up with for now. And that’s why you’re reading this, right – to hear what another nerd like yourself has to say about a comic book movie. I’m not saying the upcoming press release will actually be: IRON MAN dies in AVENGERS 2. I’m just saying there might be more to the decision of Downey teasing this bit of news.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

You speak… I hear…

Will SPIDER-MAN appear somewhere in the new AVENGERS?

Looks like we’ll finally get to see BLACK WIDOW’s backstory in AGE OF ULTRON… Is this to make her death in that movie more emotionally impactful?

Which of our heroes are in danger? Will anyone die?

t h e   V I S I O N…

What do you think the new press release from MARVEL will reveal? 

…will be revealed soon (?)

One thought on “coming soon… AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON

  1. I think that Tony Stark will die, because he is fighting something that he created, since Joss said Hank Pym won’t be in the movie at all.


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