coming soon… ALIENS by BLOMKAMP

To quote Bill Paxton from ALIENS, “We’re in some real pretty sh*t now.” You might think this quote refers to the state of our beloved ALIEN franchise. But I’m thinking of chaos. A return to atmospheric horror and heavy tension that the original film and James Cameron’s sequel delivered. I’m desperately hoping the NEW ALIEN SEQUEL will return to chaotic action and insane suspense.

DIrector NEILL BLOMKAMP side-by-side with his latest creation, CHAPPIE

The most exciting bit of news regarding another new ALIEN film is the director behind the lens. The mad scientist / creative genius of DISTRICT 9’s NEILL BLOMKAMP. Sure, his second film (ELYSIUM) wasn’t well received. But the man has vision. He has scope. He can set the stage. And his designs are (pun intended) out-of-this-world. If anyone was going to make a new film in the franchise I’m glad it’s him. Nerd-tastic!

actual concept art from Blomkamp

The other week, Blomkamp playfully released conceptual designs for a new ALIENS. At the time he said he just made them “for fun”. Well, sometimes playtime pays off. The execs at FOX must have liked his vision because he’s signed up to helm his very own ALIENS. That, and maybe SIGOURNEY WEAVER (one of the stars in Blomkamp’s upcoming CHAPPIE) had something to do with it. I think she felt a little disappointed in Ripley’s final chapter. And she’s right. Ripley is one of the greatest cinematic heroes ever. She needs a fitting farewell.

from PROMETHEUS the prequel to the first ALIEN

It will be interesting to see how or if this new movie will tie into RIDLEY SCOTT’s continuation in the series, PROMETHEUS 2. I’d like to see these worlds meld more directly than the first in this set of prequels. I was one of the few who really dug PROMETHEUS. I liked the mysterious backstory, even if I had to participate and connect a lot of those dots myself.


I wonder who will share the screen alongside Ripley. There are several young starlets that save the day in blockbusters now. I’m thinking of JENNIFER LAWRENCE in the HUNGER GAMES movies. She has an opening in her schedule with the finale of the insanely popular young adult series. And then there’s someone like SHAILENE WOODLEY from the DIVERGENT series. Wouldn’t it be great to see either of them in something so intense and terrifying as an ALIENS movie? Both have proven they can handle dramatic movies just as well as action. Now let’s see how they react to something like (original designer) HR GIGER’s ALIEN.

Check out these rumours…

Blomkamp’s concept art… clearly Ripley… but is that Hicks?

At first, when the rumours hit the Interwebs, it seemed like Blomkamp hinted at this proposed new film as a direct sequel to Cameron’s ALIENS. Movie nerds were enthused. They hated ALIEN3 and RESURRECTION (which –NERD FACT ALERT– was written by JOSS WHEDON). They wanted HICKS back (the lead male from ALIENS played by MICHAEL BIEHN). He needed his own (much more) fitting farewell than DAVID FINCHER’s part 3 gave him. The thing is, Blomkamp’s quote was taken out of context. What he meant was this new ALIENS would be more of a spiritual successor to the original two films.

more of Blomkamp’s concept art

What’s that mean, SlipNerd? Well, to me it suggests ATMOSPHERE. I’m thinking dark corridors full of steam. The impending doom of a surprise encounter with the beast. Terror. Suspense. Tension. HORROR. The last half of the franchise seemed to focus more on spectacle or action. You could argue they went overboard. Too many aliens. Too many characters. Too much plot.

The brilliance of RIDLEY SCOTT’s original ALIEN was the idea of a haunted house movie in space. Instead of stuck in a house with no escape, our heroes were surrounded by the void of space – where “no one can hear you scream.” There was one alien. It was lethal. A silent stealth assassin. A specter of the night like any good haunting. All our heroes could do was hide. Stick together. And somehow try to survive.

James Cameron made us care about RIPLEY with the addition of NEWT… there was so much emotion in this scary sci-fi that (I believe) Weaver was nominated for an OSCAR

That wasn’t all either. There was also the infection angle. You could get impregnated with an alien. It would use you as a host – a birthing vessel of sorts. Of course this lethal equation equals more aliens. If one is deadly, how could our blue collar crew of truckers in space possibly survive an army? Well, JAMES CAMERON answered that with his arguably superior sequel… NERD ALERT 2000: My favourite is still the original.

DAVID FINCHER got a lot of flack for ALIEN3… But as per usual his images are above and beyond… And there actually was a few SCARY sequences, like this one…

ALIEN was terrifying because of its atmosphere, its visuals, its music, its sound design, its creatures. Scott’s masterpiece was the perfect blend of elements in a new sub-genre that has since grown tired and stale.

BLOMKAMP is fresh… He has the right eye to reinvigorate the ALIEN franchise. He could steer it in a new direction and bring it back to a place of respect, earning back its rightful spot in our nerdy little hearts.

What do you think? Leave a comment below…

You speak, I hear…

James Cameron’s ALIENS

Should Hollywood stop remaking / sequalizing old properties like ALIENS?

“People keep askin’ me if I’m back… Yeah… I’m thinkin’ I’m back!”

Is NEILL BLOMKAMP the right director to re-imagine the series?

Do you want RIDLEY SCOTT filming these movies?

Do you remember the original trailer for ALIEN? It’s so influential. Striking. And Powerful… CHECK IT OUT… And crank those speakers… Wow! I’m so pumped up after watching that! It’s still scary as Hell! What do you think?

Are you looking forward to PROMETHEUS 2?

Who should co-star alongside SIGOURNEY WEAVER as ass-kicker extraordinaire ELLEN RIPLEY?



All that said… There is only one mother f***ing RIPLEY!

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