TV review – AGENT CARTER – S1 E4

AGENT CARTER continues to be a fun and intriguing hour of television. This episode we saw the return of HOWARD STARK. The overall story arc extends, as he helps Peggy track down his stolen gadgets. Carter’s fellow agents also get closer and closer to figuring out what’s really going on.

The mission this time was to replace a dangerous gadget with a harmless dummy decoy. The most entertaining aspect was the playfulness between Stark and Carter. The action was relatively light this episode. Actually, the mission was rather matter-of-fact. Although the reveal of what was hidden within that gadget was quite dramatic.

It was established earlier that Carter’s apartment building doesn’t allow the visitation of any men. This is a prim and proper boarding house, with old-fashioned sensibilities. These morals cause conflict when Stark shows up. Since he’s being chased by the baddies, he has to sneak in without garnering their attention AND the head mistress’s.

This episode sets up the remainder of the season, which makes it feel like not much is going on. However, we are still entertained through follies. This scenario may be more appropriate for a sitcom, but I feel like it still worked here. The segment with the dumb-waiter was a highlight. As was the punchline regarding Stark’s whereabouts within the boarding house.

I’m guessing that the Agent with the injured leg will be the first to suspect Peggy. I like how we get his backstory through interrogation. He tries to relate to a suspect. He shares his war story. He talks about when people see him, they see his wounds, and they feel guilty. When they see an able bodied soldier return they don’t give him a second glance or thought. This moment was rather powerful for a light piece of entertainment like AGENT CARTER. I appreciated it.

After that heavy dramatic moment we get a decent laugh, as the agent in charge simply offers the suspect a hamburger and succeeds in prying out information. The homeless man talks about a secret meeting on the pier. He was there earlier in the season when Peggy talked to Stark before he escaped into hiding. I really hope this information causes conflict in the office. They have been clueless for several episodes now. It’s time for these storylines to crash.

I wonder how the remaining agents will react when they discover that Peggy is a better spy than any of them could ever be. I’m really hoping she can convince the war veteran to aid her mission. I hope together they can prove their new captain wrong.

This episode, I missed the presence of Jarvis – the butler turned sidekick. He always gives me a good chuckle or two. I also missed some hand-to-hand combat and use of gadgetry. I’m hoping the next episode isn’t as dry, but I’m willing to stick around to see how this story develops. I just don’t want to wait too much longer for conflict to arise.


The best part of this episode was how it tied together with the MARVEL movie universe. I thought it was really cool how Stark returned for this important gadget. I thought it was a clever bait & switch, since I thought the device would be a bomb or something. But instead, within the device was a vial. A vial of blood. Captain America’s. Wow. I wonder if some scientists back then have cracked DNA and know how to clone? I wonder if they can isolate the super-serum from the blood and manufacture it?


Well, whoever stole that gadget might know what the contents within were. And they might be willing to kill in order to retrieve it. It looks like the HOWLING COMMANDOS may return in the next episode to help AGENT CARTER protect this very important vial.

I’m thinking this episode was filler material. I’m hoping they saved the budget from this one, to put money into the next. Maybe we’re building up towards some more extravagant action set-pieces? That would nice to see on the small-screen. It’s something I feel is missing from the MARVEL TV universe. Maybe these elements will be further explored in the NETFLIX shows debuting later this year.

What did you think?

Is AGENT CARTER loosing steam? Was this episode too dry? Too bland?

What do you think of that VIAL? How will this TV show further connect to the cinematic MARVEL universe?

How do you think Peggy’s fellow agents will discover her secret talents? How much longer can they dismiss her as a pseudo secretary/waitress?

Do you like Jarvis? Did you miss him?

Did you find Stark more entertaining than Jarvis?

Did you think this episode was lacking some good action?

Will you continue to watch this series? Is it better than AGENTS OF SHIELD or GOTHAM?

What do you think of our lead actress, HAYLEY ATWELL?


So... What'd you think?

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