THE WALKING DEAD spin-off series

THE WALKING DEAD will return from its mid-season hiatus on February 8th. To help with the wait chew on this bit of related news. Next year, a SPIN-OFF will debut during the winter hiatus. Details on this new series are slowly emerging.

*UPDATE: Read the REVIEW of Episode 1 now.

Check out the latest REVIEW here.

First off, the most important element, the story is shifting time periods. This new spin-off will focus on the inital outbreak of the zombie virus. In the main show, RICK was in a coma during this whole period of time. We never got to see the Apocalyse NOW, we got Apocalypse AFTER. If the WALKING DEAD was 28 DAYS LATER, then the spin-off is NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

CLIFF CURTIS will star in the spin-off series

We will meet a new cast of characters, supposedly focused on a father and his two children. This new crew must somehow survive the first wave of infection. I’ve heard the scenery will also shift. This series will show us what happened on the other side of the country, supposedly in California or something.

It will be rather interesting, exciting, and horrifying to see the zombie outbreak unleashed on the world. Much like the original series we now enjoy, I’m sure this spin-off will focus on a small group of people rather than show us the zombi-pocalypse on a global scale. I actually prefer the smaller scope. I enjoy the establishing of characters and their subsequent development. For this genre, it’s surprising to be so moved and feel so connected to the characters.

The most intriguing rumour floating about the Interwebs is the idea that this spin-off will have a character crossover into the main series. I heard this character will have a 6 episode arc. I’ve got some ideas about what could happen there….

What if this new character meets our gang in Zombieland, Georgia somewhere. They join up. We don’t know if they are good or bad, like a lot of characters we met earlier. I’m guessing this arc will end on an ambigious note, or a reveal that this nice guy is evil. Then we get the liftoff of the spin-off during the winter break.

We would go back in time and meet this character as they deal with the outbreak. I feel like the ambigious arc is better because this new series would inform our opinion and add further suspicions. This spin-off series would thus become a flashback of sorts. I’d like to have the spin-off compliment the main story for continuity’s sake.

Frank Dillane & Alycia Debnam Carey will co-star in the spin-off

By the end of this spin-off season we’d have our answers as to who this character really is. Most importantly, their motives. If they end up being a villain, this would proivide a lot of tension via dramatic irony in the main show, as the heroes don’t know the true backstory but we (the viewers) do. I think this format is ripe for exploration.

way back when… episode one

The spin-off could end up being much more bold and brave than its lame title suggests – FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. Like, really? Fear the Dead? That must be a working title. Please, make that so. The previous rumoured title is much better… WALKING DEAD: COBALT.

What do you think?

Will another WALKING DEAD series dilute the power and effectiveness of the main show?

CURTIS… the lead of the new series

Do we really want to know what happened during the initial outbreak? Is it better to leave that bit up to the viewer’s imagination?

fan fav DARYL

Will these series continue to cross-over? Would that be too distracting / convoluted?

MAGGIE from the WALKING DEAD main series

Should the new lead be female to mix it up? What other dynamic casting would benefit the spin-off?

ROBERT KIRKMAN a.k.a. The Man… creator of the WALKING DEAD comic book universe

If this is the outbreak will it be action-packed? Is that really a good thing? Is it actually the focus on character that makes the WALKING DEAD so special, not the action?

UPDATE: Check out the REVIEW of Episode 1.

Every episode gets some nerdy deconstruction.

Read the latest episode REVIEW now.

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