Since the trailer for STAR WARS EPISODE VII hit the Interwebs fanboys like me have been salivating for any news and gossip. Recent rumours are flying about regarding the SPIN-OFF movie that will hit theatres between the 7th and 8th EPISODES. How great is this?! Every year from now until 2019 will have a frickin’ STAR WARS movie!

These recent rumours involve the casting and plot details of the stand-alone(?) movie. Part 1 of these postings focuses on HAN SOLO, while Part 2 discusses the DIRECTOR and casting the LEAD FEMALE role.

It’s obviously very early days to say what may or may not happen in the new STAR WARS universe. Take everything you read here (or anywhere) with a grain of salt. I’m sure a few storylines and daring new directions are being explored at this very moment. Without further ado, let’s get into story rumours.

It seems like the SPIN-OFF will be set in the past. It’s still a galaxy far, far away, it’s just a longer time ago. Reports suggest that this STAR WARS film will focus on bounty hunters. Eager fanboys drool with the thought of seeing more BOBA FETT. I’m not sure if that’ the best idea (I’ll explain further later on). More recent rumours indicate the involvement of smuggling and debts owed to the Hutts. That’s right… Jabba the Hutt. The idea of seeing more CGI Hutts doesn’t seem all that appetizing to me.

However, if I remember right, it’s the idea that Han Solo owes money to Jabba that is more mouth-watering. Maybe we could even see how Han saved Chewbacca? We know Chewie owes Han a life-debt, but I’d like to see why.


If this storyline is pursued, the actor portraying Solo will have some huge f***ing shoes to fill. Earlier rumours suggested that AARON PAUL was being considered for the spin-off. Could he be playing a young Han Solo? He may not look like Harrison Ford or be as physically imposing, but I’d say he could pull of the acidic attitude of this legendary character.

Sure, Paul would make a great option, but how about some younger talent. Here’s a couple ideas I came up with to play the younger HAN SOLO…


Upon further reflection, a couple more ideas for casting Han Solo blew up my mind. What about MILES TELLER from WHIPLASH and THE SPECTACULAR NOW? He has that same sly smile and playful agitation. He could definitely sell the humour. He also makes for a rather imposing physical pressence. While he has shown more comedic prowess in his earlier screen roles (like 21 & OVER and THAT AWKWARD MOMENT), his turn in WHIPLASH demonstrates the true emotional power Teller possesses. This darker edge surfaced momentarily during SPECTACULAR.


Another SHAILENE WOODLEY-connected actor that could be great as Han Solo is ANSEL ELGORT from THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. He showed off his comic skills and emotional side in this fan favourite drama. Plus, he had that cool jacket comparable to Solo’s cool vest, right. Elgort’s performance in the undermined and unappreciated MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN was one of the best parts of this complex character piece. He held his own in this hidden gem against much larger co-stars like ADAM SANDLER. These two casting ideas are a bit younger than Aaron Paul so it might make more sense if they continue to make more young Solo movies in the future.

Other story rumours involve bounty hunters seeking the original plans to the DEATH STAR. While this would be interesting, we already know they succeed with that mission. No doubt, it would be super-entertaining to see a STAR WARS heist movie. It would be cool to see how many lives were lost to get those plans to Mon Mothma in the original EPISODE IV. Upon re-watching the original trilogy, this element would weigh much more.

However, I’d prefer to see a true stand-alone picture. I know fans want these movies to connect in this shared universe, but we haven’t yet had a STAR WARS film that is self-contained with its own beginning, middle and end. I would love to see a 2 hour story, rather than a 6 hour story spread across 3 films. The idea of bounty hunters and a heist seems like the perfect vehicle for this sort of experiment.

If the spin-off focuses on familiar storylines like Han Solo and the Hutts, or early Boba Fett, I’m always going to be thinking how it fits with the larger story. I feel like connecting the dots to earlier episodes will be a distraction. Sometimes less is more. I think a lot of fans love Boba Fett because we saw so little of him on screen. We wanted more. It’s a hard feeling to measure or balance. You want to see more so bad that you might get mad when there isn’t enough. I’d rather see new characters with a new vision from a new director and a new storyteller.

The New LANDO?

These rumours beg the question: if we get a young Han and Boba Fett, will we see other fan favs like LANDO CALRISSIAN? I’d like to see how Han and Lando used to operate their smuggling trade. I’d like to see that card game where Han won the MILLENIUM FALCON off Lando. I’d like to see how’d they compete over a heist. I’d like to see them argue, and go toe-to-toe in a fight or something. If the producers go for this, I say MICHAEL B. JORDAN for young Lando. What do you think?

If the pasts of essential characters are explored with these stand-alone films between episodes, and this spin-off tells the backstory of Han Solo, I have got a great idea I’ve been dying to see. The movie kicks off with Solo setting the parsec record for the Kessel run. It’d be a great way to introduce his familiar attitude in a familiar setting – the Millenium Falcon during its historical run.

I also wonder if the first stand-alone film focuses on Han, what character will the second focus on? Perhaps, the new villain from EPISODE VII? Perhaps, a backstory to how the supposed fallen Empire Strikes Back?

What do you think?

Do you want to see HAN SOLO’s backstory?

How about SAWYER from LOST for a younger HAN SOLO?

Who could possibly pull off a young Han Solo?

Do you want to see how the Death Star plans were stolen?

Are you excited for more BOBA FETT?

Do we need more YODA? And if so, should he be a puppet rather than a CG creation?

What other existing characters would you like to see return to the screen? What backstories intrigue you the most?

Heh, 80s kids… remember this SPIN-OFF ?



So... What'd you think?

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