fresh/press TV review – AGENT CARTER (s1e3)

AGENT CARTER raises the stakes this week. Peggy Carter’s fellow agents grow suspicious of her crime-fighting sidekick Jarvis, faithful man servant of Howard Stark. Her fellow agents are in danger. By the end of this episode, one is even killed.

While this episode focused more on criminal activity, suspicions, and interrogations we still had a few fun moments and some good action. Co-stars are more developed. And the overall goal is more clearly stamped. Everything builds towards an eventual conclusion in this limited series from Marvel.

Agent Carter in disguise and on the job

HAYLEY ATWELL continues to command the screen with every scene she appears in. Whether it’s tracking down clues, kicking some ass, or making friends at the boarding house Atwell demands attention. I like her character development. The man she loved is gone. Any friends she makes will be put in harm’s way. She can’t form meaningful relationships because she fears the danger she will place them under. I like how this plays out with the waitress and the boarding house.

LYNDSY FONESCA plays the waitress friend of Peggy Carter and fellow neighbour at the twisted boarding house for women

It seems like Carter could get into trouble with the Headmaster in these upcoming episodes. Terms have been established – No Men Allowed. In one of the funnier scenes, a gentleman caller scales the tall building for a midnight tryst. He just happens to approach the wrong window: Peggy’s. She’s ready for the nefarious, with her pistol aimed right for him. We soon learn of the romantic rendevous. I love the punchline of the slammed window. A really good laugh. Peggy doesn’t mess around. As for the future, I worry Jarvis may show up and get Peggy into trouble. Maybe he unintentionally blows her cover?

The goal for the season seems to be pretty simple. Peggy Carter must track down Stark’s stolen gadgets. These inventions are dangerous in the wrong hands. This week, Carter found a bone-breaking taser-like device. I thought the confrontation with the baddie was pretty fun. Part of the charm of spy movies / shows are the gadgets. We learn about them with a quick set-up, we get excited for their implementation, and we drool over the payoff. AGENT CARTER does not disappoint in this regard.

I’m sure the pursuit of this goal will grow more complicated over the next few episodes. Maybe the gadgets will get more deadly? I’m thinking we’ll have her fellow agents tracking her every move soon enough. With one of their own dead, this case is personal. I like the dramatic irony in these scenes already. I can’t wait to see how the creative team ramps up the intensity in the coming weeks. What will her co-workers do when they learn of her secret? Will they want to stop her? Or will some decide to join her side?


I wonder if Howard Stark will return before the finale. Thus far, it seems Tony’s father only appeared for the set-up. I enjoy these moments that tie together the future universe in the Marvel Studio movies like IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA. I want to see more integration here.

One of the things that annoyed me about SHIELD was the crew never found / fought any superheroes. It’s like any other cop show where they solve a crime each week. Which, one could argue, is exactly what’s happening here with CARTER. I would enjoy some sort of experimental subjects turned into monsters or super-soldiers. Maybe even an appearance by RED SKULL. Marvel left that window open with his mysterious disappearance in THE FIRST AVENGER. At least, with CARTER we have more of an excuse for the absence of other superheroes. Science is in a more primitive state. Computer technology has yet to blow up and expand what science can do. It would be nice to see more early tech like the typewriter/communicator device the enemy used. That was a real highlight from the opening night two-parter last week.

I’m still on board with AGENT CARTER. We get the light film noir detective work mashed with the spy elements of a show like ALIAS set in the early MARVEL universe. We also get fun – from the action to the jokes. CARTER has yet to Jump the Shark, like GOTHAM did too early with the balloon man baddie and the over-cramming of recognizable characters.

What do you think? Will you tune in next week for Marvel’s Agent Carter?

Do you like the lead actors? Do you enjoy following HAYLEY ATWELL as the main character?


Do you want more superpower elements?

Is the mystery too dry or bland for your liking?

What do you think will happen if Carter’s cover is compromised?

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