Last time out the Raps handled BROOKLYN. Toronto hopes to extend its win streak tonight against the enemy from Motown. The Pistons have some talented big men leading the way. Their main man to watch out for is ANDRE DRUMMOND – a monster rebounder who threatens to rip down 20 on any given night.

KYLE LOWRY had another solid performance against the Nets the other night. Every time he steps on the court it seems like a guaranteed 20 and 10 (assists). I’m expecting him to bash Detroit in much the same way tonight. The Pitbull is proving he belongs on the All-Star squad this February. Get voting Raptors fans. Let’s make this happen.

DRUMMOND teams up with GREG MONROE to form their own version of the Twin Towers in the Motor City. When these two are on the game, the opposition has to watch out. Even if their teammates aren’t shooting well, they can easily clean up the mess, and score efficiently with some easy put backs. The Raps can’t take these guys for granted. They need to bring it nice and early – put these guys to bed before it even gets dark. Um. Know what I mean?

L A N D R Y    F I E L D S

The only question is who else will step it up for the Raps tonight. Will it be LANDRY FIELDS, who has been performing rather well in the starting line-up. He doesn’t necessarily fill up the stat sheets, but he does all the intangibles. He’ll run the plays, and D up when he needs to. More likely candidates to chip in are always LOU WILLIAMS and TERRENCE ROSS. If the plays run smoothly, these guys will get open shots. They just need to hit them.

I’m hoping our big man in the middle, JONAS VALANCIUNAS, rises to the challenge of playing against upper-level big men tonight. I feel like he can compete with DRUMMOND and MONROE. He just isn’t as consistent as DRUMMOND just yet. Tonight is a chance for him to make a statement. I’m still waiting for that big game from JV this season. I want to see him out perform his competition when he does have that blow up performance. The Pistons provide him with that opportunity.

Detroit has a tough challenge tonight as they take on the best in the East: our Toronto Raptors.

Let’s go Raps!



WE THE NORTHern United States too

Toronto took the Pistons out tonight. It was a close 1st half, as Detroit came out strong. But our guys fought their way back. It was a scrappy fight too. Late in the game, with the Raps climbing back to a double digit lead, JAMES JOHNSON dunked hard on ANDRE DRUMMOND. Phi Slamma Jamma all over his face. The next attempt by JJ didn’t go so well. Johnson was ready to add Drummond to another poster, when he bodychecked him down to the ground. The Raps rallied behind their man, even though the dude is a ninja  in real life. That said, it was good to see The Chieftan, CHUCK HAYES stand up for JJ and point his finger at Drummond.

Another intense physical moment happened earlier when Landry Fields went down hard and bashed his head on the court. There was a full on WALKING DEAD head wound from this accident – a pool of blood. I hope he doesn’t miss too much time. The good news is he was cleared for concussion. Get well soon, Landry. The crowd made sure to respect his effort and cheer him on… in Detroit.

The best part about the game was the fans. Once again WE THE NORTH shows up in an away arena. Tonight, Raptor fans took over MoTown. There were more Raptor jerseys and shirts and banners than Pistons ones. By a long shot. When Lowry shot his free throws all you could hear were Toronto fans chanting “MVP! MVP!” An opposing player gets MVP chants. Let that sink in. No really. That’s ‘king Awesome.

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