WE THE NORTH – Raptors vs Magic

The Raptors take on the ORLANDO MAGIC tonight. Toronto will face an inexperienced young team. Orlando have several players on the rise, but none have really established themselves as bonified threats just yet. Despite playing a back-to-backer, the Raps should build on their (developing) win streak tonight. With a favourable schedule, it’s actually pretty likely that Toronto can win all the way to the Holidays – leaving their opponents Holi-dazed & confused.


The Magic have a few talented young players. Their main man for the future is second year guard VICTOR OLADIPO. Since he’s returned from injury, earlier this season, he has been an essential piece to their puzzle. He can be a little mosquito out there, zipping around and stealing the ball. A pest, really. He’s a quick player who can attack the basket with furiousity.

Orlando has two rookies of note this year. Point Guard ELFRID PAYTON compliments Oladipo’s annoying gnat gameplay. He’s a quick ninja too. The other rook is combo forward AARON GORDON. He has moments where he plays like a big man, and others where he performs like a small forward. It’s still early days so he’s yet to blow up and have that big game.


The Magic’s most intriguing puzzle piece is VUCEVIC. The big man can go for 20 20. And I’m not talking about vision here. This guy can score in a variety of ways, as well as snag boards and swat shots. I think JV will have his hands full tonight. Let’s hope that playing another European big man brings out the best in our Lithuanian Monster.

Kyle LOWRY had an off-night yesterday against the Knicks. An unusual number of turnovers. On the plus side, he also got a multitude of steals. I think he had 7 or something. Lowry was playing less like a pitbull, and more like a mosquito. Tonight, we’ll need him to lead the way nice and early. I’m thinking the Raps can shut-down the Magic nice and early. But I’m not going to assume anything this time.

T E R R E N C E     R O S S

Let’s hope T-ROSS has another 20 point game. This young swingman just needs to get more consistent. I don’t know if it’s a confidence issue, or what? I still remember when he went for 50 points last season – so Ross is definitely capable of scoring. For the this stretch of game without DeROZAN, Ross has been hitting several threes per game – and I think at a good percentage.

Tonight, the Raptors should be able to work their magic no problem.

Let’s go Raps!



The Pitbull clamped his jaws down, and lead the Raptors to victory over the Orlando Magic. Lowry actually gave a great interview post game. It was conducted by DeMar DeRozan. And it was playful. It sums up the player relationships perfectly. Everyone else played pretty well too. It was nice to Vasquez hit a couple of shots, and to see Landry Fields chip in.

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