WE THE NORTH – Huskies vs Knickerbockers

The Raptors take on the Knicks tonight. NEW YORK is definitely struggling this year. They have a new head coach in DEREK FISHER and they are operating under a new system: PHIL JACKSON’s Triangle. Toronto has a real shot to get a win streak going. NY is just one of a long line of sub-par teams the Raps will face leading up to Christmas.

Right on, right on…

DeMar DEROZAN was participating in light contact drills. From what I’ve heard, he could be back sooner than expected. This is great news. I hope we see him before the Holidays start. In the meantime, this is KYLE LOWRY’s team. I’m sure he will be on the All-Star team in February. I just hope WE THE NORTH vote enough to get him in the starting line-up. He’s been pretty consistent during DeRozan’s injury. Last game he just didn’t play that much, because Toronto had the lead.

I hope JONAS VALUNCIUNAS shows up again tonight. He’s been getting double digit rebounds and flirting with 20 points on a regular basis lately. He’s learning more and more each season. However, it looks like adjusting from the European game to the NBA will just take a little longer. I’m hoping by the time the playoffs roll around he’s averaging 20 and 10.

Melo Out

Tonight, the biggest problem will be ANDREA BARGNANI. Jokes. CARMELO ANTHONY runs the show in the Big Apple. He’s their main man, for sure. I think he gets a lot of flack for their losing ways this season. I think that’s unfair. I’m sure if they were winning, Jackson’s Triangle would get all the credit. The fact is Melo is still a premier scorer. He will take the most shots for NY. He’s the best player. I just hope he takes the night off tonight. Get some rest, drink some eggnog, Mellow out, don’t Melo out.

No way, Jose.

JOSE CALDERON is back from injury, the other week. He’s definitely a better option to run the point in NY. Their other guards are much more scoring oriented. Jose can run the pick and roll, and dish out dimes with the best of them. I hope he doesn’t treat AMARE like AMIR tonight, and the Knicks will slay us with screens and cuts. And let’s not forget Jose’s abilities from downtown. Stay away from the line, Jose. Just tonight. Go easy on your former team.

I’m assuming the Raps will get a lead quick and command the proceedings. I’m assuming LOU will chip in 20. I’m assuming PATTERSON will chip in with his Double-Taps from 3. Let’s hope that if Toronto gets up 30 or whatever we might see some BRUNO CABOCLO. It was nice to his Brazillian brethren last time out. Now let’s run both these guys at the same time.

Let’s go Raps. Let’s build a win-streak into the Holidays.


COMING SOON… I’m watching on DVR tonight…

a classic match-up from basketball’s origins… Huskies vs Knickerbockers… What would James Naismith (Canadian inventor of basketball) think now? We. The. North.



Well, you know what they say when you assume. You make an ass out of “u” and “me”. Well, I assumed the Raps would make easy work out of the Knicks. And I assumed wrong. At least I wasn’t a total ass, as Toronto won the game in Overtime.

Tonight, Lowry was actually off his game. He didn’t shoot so well, and he had a lot of turnovers. He still lead the team to victory. I’m just saying. That was unusual. The main man tonight was TERRENCE ROSS. He had a good little spurt, and finished with over 20 points.

Melo didn’t Mellow out. He scored more than 30, and was the main reason the game was so close. He hit a lot of key shots. He got help from the big man in the lane, AMARE STOUDEMIRE. He was playing with hear tonight. Energetic.

In the end, the Raps got the win. And that’s what matters. It was good to hear the Canadian fans in NEW YORK chanting, “Let’s go Raptors” in the Fourth. Makes me proud. We the North, baby.

Next up it’s the ORLANDO MAGIC tomorrow. Let’s hope the Raps aren’t too tuckered out from the extended minutes tonight. Let’s hope Lowry has a better Assist to Turnover Ratio.

Let’s go Raps!

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