meanwhile… on THE LAST FOUNTAIN

The LAST FOUNTAIN is a portal to screenwriting.

Fountain pen

I’ve posted a couple of original shorts over there, and a few more Chapters to my writing sample: STAR WARS – THE CREVASSE REACHES. It’s a spec script to demonstrate my style in a familiar setting.

I hope some of you CLICK on the link and check out this nerdy little experiment. Don’t let this site SLIP THROUGH your hands.

It’s not just reading a whole bunch of text. The experiment / experience is called PICTUREplay. I add images and music to the text. This makes for a more energetic read. I think. I hope. It’s kind of like the old picture books from when I was a little kid.


I had a STAR WARS book that came with a record (yes, vinyl – I’m old). It read along with sound effects and music. It beeped or chimed when it was time to turn the page. I’ve adapted this sort of medium for the Internet.



This means I fake cast these movies and shorts. RIVER PHOENIX can play the villain in STAR WARS… before special FX technology actually manages to. That means KERRY WASHINGTON can star in an R-rated horror movie like ALIENS. You know, geeky stuff like that. I will try and be as creative as I can with these images and the musical scores that accompany these screenplays. Check out the PICTUREplay experiment.


I don’t know if I’m the first to do it, but I’m hoping it makes for more excitement, stimulating a few more senses. CLICK the links to check out the feature film screenplay for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE CREVASSE REACHES.


I’ve added another original short, as well – to go along with the time travel short called TURN IT OFF. This one is called DEMON.STAR.31 – a horror / sci-fi, kind of like ALIEN meets EVENT HORIZON.


D E M O N . S T A R . 3 1

A portal is open from sun up to sun down on Halloween. The portal connects to Hell. The portal is opened on a shuttle led by an all female crew, orbitting the Earth. It was written as part of a one week challenge over at SIMPLY SCRIPTS.

You don’t have to be a fellow screenwriter to enjoy THE LAST FOUNTAIN. Just a nerdy fan of film.

So... What'd you think?

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