WE THE NORTH – Raptors Set the PACE


The Indian Pacers rolled into Toronto tonight. They are hurting worse than the Raptors. DeRozan may be done for us, but for them it’s PAUL GEORGE and GEORGE HILL. If your name has George in it, and you’re in Indiana… watch out. Understandably, Indiana isn’t doing all that well this season.

HIBBERT… “Hear no Evil” ? Doesn’t really help when you see what happens on court… For ROY, it’s “Onions Baby!”

They rely on their big men to get the job done. I’m talking about ROY HIBBERT and DAVID WEST. Hibbert is a huge pressence in the paint, but he lacks consistency. His best quality is his shot blocking. Thankfully, tonight he didn’t hamper the Raps too much. Although, the bigs made sure that JV had a tough shooting night. West can hit the mid-range and is a solid face-up shooter. Thankfully, he didn’t mess with Toronto too much either.


For the most part, the Raptors dictated the tempo. JV had another great rebounding night. He’s getting closer and closer to cracking that 20 rebound barrier. That’d be really nice to see, and I know VALANCIUNAS has it in him. LOWRY made sure everything ran smoothly, but it was another little guy who stung the Pacers.


I’m talking about LOU. Mini-Microwave made a return tonight, going off nice and early. That’s the great thing about microwaves – they heat up real fast. Toronto has a pretty favourable schedule through the holidays, playing all sub .500 teams. It’s a great time to inflate the lead over the rest of the Eastern Conference.

Next up, it’s MELO time in NYC. Let’s go Raps!

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