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A new trailer for SAN ANDREAS just hit the Interwebs. This disaster flick stars THE ROCK… erm, Dwayne (Don’t call me Hercules either) Johnson. The movie follows him as he deals with a massive earthquake along the San Andreas fault line in California. So SAN ANDREAS is not a GRAND THEFT AUTO movie? Dang.

Dwayne  ” T H E   R O C K ”  Johnson

Actually, I like The Rock. I think he’s one of the few legit action heroes in contemporary film. Maybe it’s him and Jason STATHAM, unless you include LIAM NEESON – who has recently had an impressive streak of action movies. That said, it’s nice to see the Rock leading a movie set in modern times.

E A R T H Q U A K E !

I like it when he leads a film, but his most recent effort (HERCULES) was a little disappointing. Here’s hoping he gets some better one-liners in this one.  I feel like he can command the screen. He’s got a cool charisma about him. I like it best when he kicks ass and jokes, like in THE RUNDOWN.

A L E X A N D R A      D A D D A R I O

ALEXANDRA DADDARIO co-stars as the main female lead. I’m thinking that’s his daughter, who he has to protect or find amidst all this massive destruction. She was excellent in TRUE DETECTIVE, hinting just enough that something else was brewing under the surface. She was emotional when needed, and introspective when necessary. I wondered if she was manipulating Woody in that HBO series, or if she was simply manipulated.

I’ve enjoyed her work in other films like PERCY JACKSON. Her performance in the small horror flick BEREAVEMENT was the best part. It got my attention and got me intrigued for her next role. She also commanded the screen as the lead in the unnecessary sequel / reboot of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. I think we’ll see a lot more of her in the future. Let’s hope she mixes it up and does another thriller / adult drama next.

I really liked the music of this trailer for SAN ANDREAS. It was a haunting version of CALIFORNIA DREAMING. It really effectively set the mood. This isn’t a fun action disaster flick. It’s aiming to be a serious one with some emotional moments and interesting characters. If this is indicative of the atmosphere in the actual movie, then sign me up.

So, what we have here is a pseudo remake of the 70s Universal classic EARTHQUAKE! Just on a much more massive scale. As PAUL GIAMATTI’s scientist character states, “They’ll feel it on the East Coast.” Wow. Really? I wonder how they can prevent that?

I hope the movie doesn’t go that route. I’d like to see a focus on a family surviving disaster. Kind of like a Hollywood adventure version of the impressive THE IMPOSSIBLE (with Naomi Watts & Ewan McGregor).

Dwayne with Carla GUGINO (?)… at least his character makes sense… a fireman dealing with disaster… better than John Cusack’s limo driver in 2012…

Disaster film usually miss the mark for me. I’ve boiled it down to character. I just need someone to care about. I didn’t like 2012 or THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Not that it’s Emmerich’s fault. Maybe it’s the script’s. He knows how to direct disaster. He can stage a set-piece just as well as Spielberg. Yeah, I said that. The thing is, unlike Spielberg, he does not focus on the script or characters. He leaves that up to others. The characters just aren’t interesting, or don’t have empathetic motives.

The Fault in Our (Planet)

This is why I much prefer a movie like DEEP IMPACT over ARMAGEDDON. They both were disaster flicks about asteroids. One was compelling, one was fun to snack too. I hope with SAN ANDREAS we have a bit of both.

The Rock is an X-WING PILOT?! Imagine that? I joke, I kid, I kid.

What did you think? Are you ready for an earthquake disaster flick?

Will this be enjoyable on all fronts like TWISTER or DEEP IMPACT?

I’m sure there’s a joke here somewhere…

Or will this be another mindless HOLLYWOOD adventure where we watch shit get destroyed?

Is THE ROCK the best action hero of today? Who else compares? Will CHRIS PRATT enter the conversation after the upcoming JURASSIC WORLD?


And what do you think of Alexandra DADDARIO? Is she ready for a starring role in another Hollywood event movie? Should SHE have been cast as JESSICA JONES in the new MARVEL Netflix series?

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