WE THE NORTH – Cavs Round 3


The Raptors pulled into Cleveland tonight. LeBRON and his crew let Toronto know it was HIS house. The Raps were playing well until the 4th Quarter, when it became TurnOver City. Whether it was a foul or a lost possession, it seemed like every trip was a Zilcher.


To look on the positive side of this loss, JV had another commanding game, just like last night. I hope this is a good indicator of where this big man is headed. Onwards, and upwards.

LeBron led the way for the Cavs, while Kyrie was pretty quiet. The Raps limited all those 3s from K-Love this time around. King James proved how good he is. The Raptors made a big comeback in the first match-up of the season. I don’t think that sat too well with Bronnie Bron. He’s probably still riding that New York high, when he met the Royal Couple.

By the way, kudos to LeBron, one of the most highest profile players in the game, and his decision to wear the “I CAN’T BREATHE” shirt. I noticed a few other players did this as well, like Derrick ROSE – but Bron is at the top of the list of these supporters. It can’t be easy to make a stand – since he is a prime-time athlete with multiple big dollar endorsement deals. I really appreciate the statement he’s making to young fans of the NBA.

I like what he had to say to reporters even more. He didn’t focus on the issue, and the problem’s in society, he focused on the family and their grief. He wore the shirt for them. It was touching. I’m sure a lot fans watch the NBA (or one of their many screens) for distractions, but it is good to see the human side every now and again.

What do you think? Is there a time and place for everything?

Do some athletes think of where they grew up, and how they were treated by their community and its authority figures? Do some of these athletes think of their family and friends back home? Do they worry of them? I suppose it doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-millionare, in some people’s twisted world views you “still fit the description”.

Was tonight’s “distraction” a good one?

Less depressing issues… How about those Jersies- for-Her ? Distracting?

I enjoyed the game, despite the Raptors’ loss.

Let’s hope the Raps have a bit more fight in them next time. They play INDIANA PACERS on Friday night.


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