A long time ago… In a theater not so far away… STAR WARS entered mainstream pop culture. It was a phenomenon. We all know about it. Despite a new trilogy in the early 2000s, fans have been eagerly (ie: not patiently) anticipating a return to the STAR WARS galaxy and the original characters we all love. Luke SKYWALKER, Chewbacca, Princess LEIA, and HAN SOLO all return in EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS.

one of many fan-made posters for the upcoming film

Tomorrow, the first TRAILER will hit the Interwebs. There’s a chance it might blow up the Internet, crashing servers everywhere. It’s been a long long time but this galaxy is getting closer and closer. Until tomorrow… MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU… And remember to clean up that mess you make after you geek-gasm over that BRAND NEW TRAILER tomorrow.

the original cast

What do you think? Are you anticipating this TRAILER like Christmas Day as a child? Do you think there is any way for a new STAR WARS to live up to our expectations? Is it possible to make a movie better than EMPIRE STRIKES BACK?


  ON A RELATED NOTE… Do you want to read an EPISODE VII SCREENPLAY?… I’ve been writing screenplays for over a decade now. This year alone I have several features and short films completed. I’m an unproduced writer who keeps at it, partly as a hobby, partly as my first love. Film is my mistress. I recently experimented with a way to get more attention to my originals. I decided to do a writing sample for a very familiar franchise: STAR WARS. I wrote a feature length screenplay, imagining what these beloved characters would be up to decades later, as well as creating a whole new crew to eventually takeover for the originals in supposed sequels. I envisioned a storyline that could fill out at entire trilogy. My hopes were that a reader might like my style or get a sense for my abilities by reading a spec script for something familiar. I’ve never EVER written fan fiction. And I don’t plan on doing this with any other IPs. I posted my script online in a screenwriting community site for MAY the 4th (be with you), and have since adapted it as an original property. For those who can’t wait to see this new STAR WARS movie, maybe reading a nerdy (mapped out & heavily considered) screenplay might tide you over until the actual EPISODE VII hits the theaters.

Mark Hamill, behind-the-scenes

If anyone is curious leave a comment [or email me slipthroughblog(-at-)gmail(dot)com] and I will send you the script for my STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE CREVASSE REACHES … from one nerd to another. You never know, you might actually like it. I took a lot of risks with the characters and kept the flavour of the Original Trilogy – kind of like the DARK KNIGHT approach rather than the PHANTOM MENACE trilogy of films. What do you think? Does fan fiction make you sick to your stomach? Would you like me to post a column about SCREENWRITING in general? Would you be interested in reading original unproduced screenplays OR reviews of such material on SLIP/THROUGH?

For the curious nerd… here is the 1st page from my writing sample SCREENPLAY… Of course, it begins with that famous yellow text crawling up the screen…





“In the decades following the destruction of THE EMPIRE, the REBEL FORCES have spread further out into the galaxy. Their peaceful reach extends into unexplored territory.

The NEW ALDERAAN PEACE COUNCIL, led by QUEEN LEIA ORGANA-SOLO, is currently en route to the recently discovered planet, NOTRHUPA, undergoing atmospheric conversion.

HAN SOLO, pilot of the infamous MILLENIUM FALCON, accompanies his wife, leaving his lucrative smuggling enterprise in the hands of his young protégé, MeCOULM TeTHUR.

Unbeknownst to THE REBELLION, this newly discovered solar system is already occupied by an extremist sect of specialized warriors known only as THE CREVASSE, a splintered faction of the supposed FALLEN EMPIRE.

The long clawed reach of THE CREVASSE, led by the ruthless DARTH SYNDOOR, grasps for the Royal ORGANA LEGACY, hoping to crush the future of the REBELLION at its very conception…”


The CRAWL comes to an end over a field of brilliant stars.

VRRRAAAMMM! A TIE FIGHTER whips across the stars, quickly followed by a new harshly angled model BLACK TIE FIGHTER.

Lasers BLAST between the TIE fighters. An X-WING whips across the starfield in pursuit. The TIEs split away…

Contact me for more…

the real deal hits us in WINTER (?) 2015

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