WE THE NORTH – Birds of Prey – Raptor vs Hawk

The Raptors rolled into Atlanta to play the HAWKS tonight hoping to extend their 5 game Win streak. It looked like the Raps were set for an easy victory.

DeMar… DeWhat?! Remember this dunk?

DeROZAN went off early on, playing like we know he can. But then the Hawks fought their way back, as these “birds of prey” sunk their talons into one another.

Jeff Teague

The Hawks were within striking distance for most of the game. JEFF TEAGUE leads Atlanta from the point. He’s an aggressive floor general who can  slash on offense, and lock down his assignment on Defence. AL HORFORD didn’t stop the Raps tonight but he is a solid finesse big man.

VASQUEZ – the secret agent

It was Greivis VASQUEZ’s turn to score tonight. He was feeling it. The Raps had 3 players with over 20 points. This was one of those games where Toronto was just fundamentally solid in all aspects. Everyone did their thing.

Not JV. Hawk player Pero Antic aka Bizarro Valanciunas.

It wasn’t a crazy exciting blow out or a defensive battle. It was “Pound the Rock” time. Another win, another chisel strike to that boulder, the sculpture slowly takes form. Raps best in the Division, best in the East, best in the NBA?

The Raps have 6 wins in a row now. They’re off to one of their best starts ever.

It’s a great time to be Raptors fan. Canadians? Where ever you are? Rise up.

I know the Fonz would dig this… but has the Raptor gone too far this time?


He yells loudest, wins the game? Eh, Teague?

So... What'd you think?

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