fresh/press TV – THE WALKING DEAD – S5E7

GREATM. If you saw tonight’s WALKING DEAD you might remember that one. This episode focused on each group of characters – and teamwork. Each storyline collided with a crash, promising for an exciting mid-season finale next week.

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We started in dramatic fashion as Tyreese’s daughter used an axe to chop up church pews. The sounds bouncing loudly throughout these 4 walls & a roof, much like her echoing emotions within. The score was effectively haunting, reminding me of the pulsing work of John Carpenter in THE THING. The priest is all Lady MacBeth on those blood-stained floors, trying to wash away his guilt. “Out damn spot.”

Maggie? Or Sarah Connor?

Abraham seems like he’s gone all Col. KURTZ or something. I love how Maggie steps up, gun aimed at him. She’s evolved a lot over the series. Glenn parts ways to fetch water. They come across some ROTTERS and use their jacket’s linings for a net to catch fish. These guys are resourceful. It was nice to finally get some backstory on Rosita too.

This is Rick’s plan. Was this always Rick’s plan?

Daryl & Noah have met back up and are strategizing the attack, with Rick leading the way. Their plan is well coordinated like they’re military… like SEAL TEAM Z. Rick wants to kill everyone in the hospital in order to free Carol & Beth. Tyreese would rather they don’t kill anyone. And, go figure, Daryl is the voice of reason & compromise. They just need 2 cops to barter with. Interesting. Now I’m getting pumped for the rescue mission.

Michonne with Carl

Michonne has a good moment in the church. Carl lays out weapons for the priest and speechifies about survival & adapting to the Zeek APOCALYPSE… Like NOW. I call this Michonne’s moment because I loved the performance. She silently watches as she realizes how much Carl has become like his father. At least, that was my nerdy interpretation.


Back to the hospital with Beth… Urgency sets in as Beth learns the hospital crew is going to unplug Carol from medical machines. Beth needs to act. Her bravery has won over the leader. She gets the keys for Carol’s medicine. Then Seal Team Z attacks, and Rick was badass.

Those melted ROTTERS were actually scary. I love the practical creature effects. The make-up iso dang impressive each week… tonight it just happened to be extra gooey. The cool score was back too, pounding even more, and sounding like NIN’s opening credit song in SE7EN. Awesome. It added energy, making the action even more exciting.

I loved Daryl’s cop / zombie encounter. Edge of your seat stuff. The cop pushed Daryl’s head closer and closer towards the zombie, forcing him into the dangers of the decrepit zombie’s snapping jaws. It was like that lawnmower scene with KEANU REEVES in the amazing 90s cult classic POINT BREAK…

CLICK on the image to watch the TRAILER

NERD ALERT 2000: Hollywood? Please cast NORMAN REEDUS as BODHI (Patrick Swayze’s adreniline junkie bank robber) in the remake… Imagine that?! Daryl opposite (the rumoured) THOR as Johnny Utah… I’ll take 2 tickets, “Utah. Two!” …HA…

But I digress… So, Daryl bowling ball grips the Deadite through it’s eye sockets, rips off its head, and bashes the cop in the face. Naturally.

Daryl fights to reunite with Beth, as well as save Carol.

End result is: Rick just about shoots the cop, but Daryl talks some sense. Again. 1 more cop, 1 more bargaining chip. Let’s say by the end, maybe Rick was right?


I’m looking forward to next week. The Seal Team will finish their strike. Hopefully, with no casualties. I’m expecting someone might bite it. Finale, right? Or maybe a really good cliffhanger?

What did you think? What were you favourite moments?

Will Glenn & Abraham’s crew rendevous with Michonne & Carl?

What’s up with the priest’s exit? And that nail in the foot? Is he going to slowly die from tetanus?  Kharma’s a slow bleedin’ MF, if so.

Norman Reedus for POINT BREAK remake?

So... What'd you think?

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