BLAKE LIVELY stars in THE AGE OF ADALINE an emotional drama with a fantasy spin. Lively’s character doesn’t age. We follow her through the decades as she deals with her extraordinary situation. Her lovers age and die, leaving her behind. A new trailer recently arrived and surprised the nerd out of me.

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In the Internet-era, it’s hard to find things by accident. Your newsfeed is filtered through a very narrow opening. You only see things that interest you. I’m glad I didn’t click past this trailer. I’m glad I stumbled upon ADALINE. It was a happy accident. Normally, I get more excited to watch sneak previews for genre fare like sci-fi or fantasy stuff. So as I started this trailer I had no expectations.

Blake Lively

I kind of dismissed this as a “chick flick”, at first. “Kind of?” Okay, I definitely did. I skipped by it a few times before I decided to give it a chance. Initially I was thinking something like, “What?”  – an emotional drama starring the hot blonde from (the critically-panned GREEN LANTERN)? But, as it went on the preview really won me over. I’m glad I gave this a chance.

It’s good to expand our horizons from time to time. You know, watch something we might be prejudice towards. Like sappy romances. But you know what… It’s okay to like an emotion trailer. Um, right? It’s not a bad thing to like an emotional drama. With ADALINE, I get the same sort of vibes as a BENJAMIN BUTTON.

Memories… from “past” lives.

For example, a touching moment was when Lively talks with her daughter, now in her 60s or 70s (played by ELLEN BURNSTYN).  It’s not so much the dialogue, which I could quote, but rather the emotional performances. By the end of the preview, I’m left feeling melancholy.

Ellen Burnstyn

The concept of Lively not-aging really captured my interest. It’s not your average romantic drama premise. The story shifts through the decades, through friendships and personal relationships. A life-time of Chapters with no Endings. IE: HARRISON FORD appears as a romantic fling from ages ago who recognizes her. There’s that whimsical feeling again. For his character he’s got be wondering how is this even possible?

Harrison Ford

Thus far in her young career, BLAKE LIVELY has yet to really demonstrate her dramatic capabilities. She teased us a bit in OLIVER STONE’S SAVAGES… and I’m talking about her acting there. As well as with an under-the-radar performance in the indie HICK (with Chloe Grace-Moretz & Eddie Redmayne). That film made me reconsider her talents. Now it looks like ADALINE will be her big opportunity to prove her place in Hollywood.

Lively in the indie HICK, with Chloe Grace-Moretz.

Lively’s decision to appear in a movie like this is a smart one. Hollywood spotlights young beauties. Once you hit like 25 or something you’re considered old. Actors that stick around tend to prove their worth with a dramatic performance. Like Matthew McCONAUGHEY has done recently, showing us he can act with his shirt ON. A lot of comedians have done the same – like TOM HANKS went from BOSOM BUDDIES & SPLASH to winning OSCARS. Jim CARREY and ROBIN WILLIAMS followed that same path. Actors must prove their versatility in order to extend their careers.

Lively has a chance to gain critical praise for her performance in ADALINE. The concept is super compelling. The emotions are easy to relate to. Romance & fantasy kind of go hand-in-hand. We all want that dream of perfect love, even if it may be as unattainable as an actual light-saber or flying through the skies. We go to the movies to experience our dreams. We live through the characters on screen. If it’s done well enough, we feel what they feel and get lost in the illusion. Entertainment becomes art, and illuminates our understanding of the world and our emotions.

I’m looking forward to this fantastic premise. Every now and again a good emotional drama is just what we need. This one looks worth adding to (what may be) a small list of romances we’re looking forward to in the coming months.

What did you think? Are you compelled by this concept?

Do you believe Blake Lively can pull off the heavier emotional requirements?


timeless beauty

Who’s your favourite actor who transitioned into drama?

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