WE THE NORTH – A Cyclone Named Caboclo


” ‘TWAS the night before Cleveland, the Raps played to a packed house. When in blew a CYCLONE, way louder than a mouse”… Bruno CABOCLO was his name aka C-Clo aka CYCLONE, and he made his NBA debut with a little bit of Holiday magic.

The BRAZILIAN small-forward shocked analysts on Draft Day. Everyone knew Jabari Parker. No one knew Bruno Caboclo. They scoffed at the selection. “He’s 2 years away, from being 2 years away.” Well, tonight Caboclo fired back.


The Raptors MAULED  the Bucks like I hoped they would. Nice and early too. Up 50+ at the half, and with 100 by the end of the 3rd, it was time for the REMEMBER ME squad to get some minutes – folks like Steimsma, Fields, Bebe…Caboclo. The bench was emptied to rest the starters for tomorrow night in Cleveland. LeBRON will be another good test for the Raps.

Bruno during pre-season play

So game is over, but there’s still time on the clock. Enter CYCLONE. Caboclo steps on the floor and the arena erupts in cheers. This is when I’m proud to be Canadian. We think of how Bruno must have felt with the media crapping all over him. Add to that,  the possible frustration of limited minutes. We know it can’t feel good for the young man. Everyone thinks the Raptors wasted a valuable draft pick on him. So when he enters the crowd cheers. On offense, they chanted his name BRUNO BRUNO.

Canadian fans. Outside. Watching the game.

This must have added to the pressure even more. But what does he do? He steps up. His 1st points come off an alley oop. That’s not it. The Cyclone ripped through the Bucks – he hit two 3PTers, he blocked a shot, he rebounded, he rotated the ball, he moved off the ball… He kicked out of a double-team?! Caboclo, NBA2Ks worst statistical player, gets 8 points in limited minutes, and he’s double-teamed?! He still doesn’t crack under pressure. He successfully passes out of the double team.

Get used to it. Tonight, there might be a few more mics.

Oh, and in this day and age of analytics and super specific stats, Bruno’s per minute stats have to be enormous. The feeling I got watching him perform under pressure & making a statement is something intangible. Pride. Proud for the Rook and our fans.

The Cyclone is the story. Sure the Raps win. JV dominated with his best game this young season. Lou had 20 off the bench. Lowry had– blah blah… A Cyclone blows into Toronto and silences his critics in a whirling dervish of productivity.

Jonas Valanciunas

Great game from the entire team. Everyone. Scored. It was super exciting game despite the gigantic lead.

What did you think? Will Caboclo get some playing time now? Did he earn some minutes?

Bruno, ILLmatic like NAS

Do you think the Raps can beat Bronny-Bron & the Cavs tomorrow night?




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