WE THE NORTH – a Raptor VS. a Deer

The Raps are riding high. They’re the best in the Eastern Conference. They just beat the league’s best team, the Grizz.  So will they simply roll over the Milwaukee BUCKS tonight?

Milwaukee has a lot of young talent. If the Raptors sleep on these guys it could be trouble.  (FYI – I’m watching the game on PVR tonight, so this post is a little late. The post-game update will follow later on tonight.)

Milwaukee won the JABARI PARKER sweepstakes during the DRAFT this year. Parker was one of the top rookies on every scout’s radar. Analysts were arguing who was better Parker or ANDREW WIGGINS? The talk around the league was,  “Who will be drafted with the Number One overall pick?” The Bucks might have won with the 2nd pick. I’m Canadian, so I’m Wiggins all the way, on principle. #WETHENORTH, eh. And it’s still far too early to tell who WILL be the better player.

Jabari Parker, Rookie of the Year candidate ?

Parker has performed pretty well so far though. Better than Wiggins. But Parker’s been inconsistent. So any night he could potentially go off for 20 – 25 points. Let’s just hope it isn’t tonight against Toronto.

The Bucks also have Giannis Atenk-em–pou–ka– Sorry. Um… THE GREEK FREAK is another young Buck who could score in flurries and change the game on the defensive end. His freakish wingspan makes him a pest, swatting or poking the ball away.

I see you, Larry SANDERS… I didn’t forget about the big man in the paint who could cause trouble for the Raps.

The thing is… the Raps have defence too. TEAM DEFENCE. If they play like they should tonight, the Bucks will be nothing more than a harmless annoying gnat. If Toronto relaxes and Milwaukee gets up on them somehow, they’ll have to rely on their attack in the 4th Quarter. And so far this season, that attack has been lethal. We the Fourth.

I’m hoping TERRENCE ROSS continues his success with his increased role now that James JOHNSON is injured. Ross had a flurry (sorry, thinking snow here) of shots go in against Memphis. His 4th quarter takeover notched Ross 14 points. If their secondary weapons perform, the Raps should be able to rest their starters in preparation for tomorrow night’s back-to-backer.


The Raptors have a good chance of extending their win streak tonight. Let’s hope there’s some more highlights to get on TNT. All this Northern Exposure is great. I’m pretty sure Vince Carter’s Tribute video was trending on social media the other night.

We. The. North.

Wake up Canada, support the Nation’s only basketball team. These aren’t the purple dinosaurs of the 90s. They ain’t no joke. These are vicious predators with sharpened claws and perfectly honed predatory instincts. When the prey is down, the Raptor pounces.

Jabari is in our sites tonight

Let’s hope that tonight the Raptor mauls a Buck.


If you saw he game tonight you know about BRUNO CABOCLO…

Bruno Caboclo made his NBA debut tonight… and he was NOT a deer caught in the headlights.

I had to do a separate post about the ROOKIE and the final outcome.

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