casting Marvel’s JESSICA JONES

MARVEL Studios is adapting four comic book series for Netflix. DAREDEVIL is the first one coming. The next 2 heroes set to bust through are JESSICA JONES and LUKE CAGE. These heroes are grimy street level vigilantes rather than caped crusaders or intergalactic space warriors or something. Rumours recently hit the Interwebs regarding the casting of Ms. Jones & Mr. Cage.

Jessica Jones whippin’ some Doom… CLICK image for original source ARTICLE.

Jessica Jones runs her own private investigator business. After an accident involving radiation, she gains super strength & invulnerability. These physical powers still don’t help with her struggle with PTSD. This invulnerable heroine turns out to be vulnerable. Powers-wise, she also struggles with limited flight abilities. In the comics, Jones teams up with Cage to bust up the badguys with vigilante justice.

Recent rumours just hit the Interwebs regarding the front-runners to play Jones. Rumoured favourites include Australian Teresa Palmer (WARM BODIES), Krysten Ritter (Jesse’s girlfriend early on in BREAKING BAD), and Alexandra Daddario (PERCY JACKSON, TRUE DETECTIVE).

Teresa Palmer

My favourite of that bunch is DADDARIO. She steamed up the screens as Woody Harrelson’s mistress on DETECTIVE. I know it’s shallow, but I gotta say her nude scene on TRUE was one of HBO’s best. And that’s saying something. So let’s say she has the looks. And physique to kick butt. She held her own against LEATHERFACE in the recent TEXAS CHAINSAW. Her work in PERCY also demonstrates her ability to act against green screens and hold her own in big action sequences.

Alexandra Daddario

I have a few nerdy CASTING ideas myself… Of course. I’m thinking of a focus on the combination of a brawler & a beauty like ZOE BELL (DEATHPROOF), nerd fav SUMMER GLAU (FIREFLY), and my fav GINA CIRANO (HAYWIRE). Cirano is a real life UFC fighter. No stunt actor required here. She kicked so much ass in HAYWIRE, utilizing her various MMA skills and sharing the screen with big name actors like Fassbender and  McGregor and…

Gina Cirano whoopin’ some Tatum in HAYWIRE

The NETFLIX shows will combine into a limited event series, THE DEFENDERS. Think a group of heroes enacting street justice. To analogize we’d have… Daredevil: lawyer in the day, hero by night as the JUDGE. Jones: an investigator, she’s the JURY. And Cage? He’d be EXECUTIONER. ‘Nuff said. Defenders of justice.

Jessica Jones

I’m excited to see what Marvel does with these lesser-known vigilantes. It’s got to better than SHIELD, which lost my viewership early.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to these Netflix limited series?

Who should play Jessica Jones? Do you like the rumoured front-runner Daddario?


Does SHIELD or GOTHAM get any better? Are they worth watching?

What do you think of my suggestion: Gina Cirano?


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