WE THE NORTH – Raptors Get Grizzly

Tonight NBA ‘s Eastern Conference leading Toronto Raptors, take on the Western Conference leaders Vancouver Grizz– I mean MEMPHIS Grizzlies. And it should be a defensive gladitorial battle fit to entertain the Roman Colliseum.

All-Star / Olympian DeMar DeRozan

I know, I know, HYPE MUCH? What can I say I’m a 2 decades long Raptors fan. I’m still getting used to the team’s evolution from ridiculed league bottom feeders into Division champions last season, and now the improved success in this early season. So, yeah, I’m pimpin’ the Raps.

Almost 20 years ago, the Raps came into the league with Canadian rivals the Vancouver Grizzlies. Imagine if the Grizz stayed in the North? Canada would have the league’s top 2 teams. Wow! While T-Dot had Mighty Mouse in their 1st season, the Grizz had Big Country. Remember him? No? Don’t worry about it. Maybe that’s why the Raps stuck around? We all owe a lot to Damon Stoudamire.

Rookie of the Year, former (original) Raptor, DAMON STOUDAMIRE aka Might Mouse. He saved the day more than once.

If the NBA expands it’d be nice to have another team in Canada, be it Vancouver or Montreal or whatever. I think the Nation has proved it can get behind a basketball team last season, right. #WETHENORTH

Canada’s OTHER NBA team. Go figure, the aqua-green bear went extinct before the purple dinosaur.

Memphis has a lot better roster than Vancouver ever did. Just like the Raps, they could care less who scores. They play unselfish ball focused on defence like a laser. Their “main man” is Marc Gasol. A big man with great hands and fundamentals. He’s proven he can score already this early season with a 30+ point career-high performance.

Marc Gasol with a skyhook

The Grizzlies have a solid 3 with center Gasol, big man with finesse Zach RANDOLPH, and savy sleek point guard Mike CONLEY. They are the best team in the NBA, with only 1 loss. The Raps will have their hands full tonight. The coaches will battle just as hard as the gladiators.

Mike Conley

I hope JV makes a statement tonight. He was a lot more comfortable last game. It looks like his injured hand is better. His match up, Gasol (another 7 foot foreign player) should bring out the best in JV. I’m sure the rest of the league will be watching tonight. If JV explodes will know we have another versatile weapon hidden in our trenchcoat ready to spray like it’s THE MATRIX or something.

The Tank

Lowry vs Conley will be another strong intriguing match up. The pitbull vs the golden retriever. Conley has shown me he can run the ball, focused on the gameplan, executing the coach’s vision. He’s a potential All-Star who operates with finesse.

Lowry’s an even stronger candidate for All-Star status. He’s rough & aggressive. He never gives up. KYLE LOWRY latches down his jaws, and never lets go of the game. My money’s on Lowry tonight in this 1-on-1 match up.

The Pitbull

Tipoff is 7:30. Vince Carter returns. Hopefully, he’ll get cheers during the celebration / retrospetive video tonight. He deserves it!

Let’s go Raps!

What do you think? Should Canada get another NBA franchise?

Basketball inventor, Canadian James NAISMITH.

Who will make the All-Star: Conley or Lowry?


Raptors win! Raptors win! Raptors win!


It was quite the battle but the Toronto Raptors beat the best team in the league. The Memphis Grizzlies lost a close one. The Raps continued with their 4th Quarter takeovers tonight. Ross went off for 14 in the period. I call him the DETONATOR because you never know when he’ll explode – until he flips the switch & detonates. He blew it up tonight.

Terrence Ross – the Detonator

I must mention he 1st quarter tribute to Vince Carter. It was emotional. #WeTheNorth and Vince is still part of that WE. Check out the tribute by clicking on that amazing Vince dunk image. It’s worth it, especially if you are an old school Raps fan.

CLICK on the image to WATCH tonight’s arena TRIBUTE to VINCE CARTER.

The intangible element in the win against MEMPHIS tonight was veteran “big” man, CHUCK HAYES. Coach Casey used this hidden weapon late in the game, relying on Hayes’ defensive IQ. And it worked. Tonight was another great TEAM win!

Chuck Hayes – the chieftan

What an impressive win tonight. I hope the Raps get increased exposure with this statement win against the Grizz.

Great game. What did you think?

Did you like the Vince Carter tribute? Were you emotional too? Or did you boo?

Imagine if the game ended different? What if Memphis is down 1, 1 second left, Grizz inbounding on offense, passed to Vince, wide open shot… and he calmly places the ball on the ground. The buzzer goes off and he says, “That’s for you, Toronto. You win. Now stop f***in’ booing me. We’re even.” Jokes. I just can’t believe he’s still getting boos. Thanks for the memories, Vince. We’re already even.

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