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There’s a new WILL SMITH movie on the horizon called FOCUS. This thriller follows a con-man & his beautiful protégé (MARGOT ROBBIE) while they attempt to pull off a con job. While the premise sounds familiar, it’s always the execution that’s most important. I almost get a TONY SCOTT vibe with this one. Stylish action with solid character work.

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The opening sequence grabbed my attention instantly. A guy in a helmet, mouthguard, crash. Hmmm. It begs a backstory. This is when we learn it’s a Will Smith movie. And not his usual fair. Another intriguing element to FOCUS on is Margot Robbie, who’s on the rise after her impressive work in WOLF OF WALL STREET.

Margot Robbie in Scorsese’s WOLF OF WALL STREET

Australia’s Margot Robbie has already proven she’s more than a hot tall blonde. She matched DiCaprio on screen and wasn’t lost in the process. In FOCUS, there’s a brief snappy verbal spar when she tries to seduce (con) Will Smith. He isn’t biting, he asks, “Does it feel sexy on your face?” She half-hesitates, “A little”. He somehow agrees, “Okay? Let’s go.”

Will Smith’s character is cool, laid back, and badass  – per usual in this genre.  I love his return to this sort of role. It seems like he will balance drama, with lethality and comedy. A good joke was when Smith is at a giant party, yelling into the crowd, “Where are all the black people?”

While Smith can make us laugh, he can also make us take him serious. A stand-out line that makes me feel like we’re in good hands with the writer(s) is when Smith preaches wisdom to Robbie,  “There are two types of people… Hammers… And nails. You decide what you want to be.”

Smith’s charisma lends to his starring role as a “confidence” man. It looks like the two leads have good chemistry. I’ve been waiting a while for the return of Smith. He’s been so good in a range of comedies, action flicks, and dramas.

I’ll always remember when I saw this FRESH PRINCE in his first dramatic role. It was in SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION (nothing to do with Kevin Bacon). His calm demeanour & subtle performance was layered with a sense of mystery. It was with this indie from the 90s that I leaned forward and paid attention.

To see a different WILL SMITH than you’re used to CLICK the image & WATCH the TRAILER.

As Smith proved in other dramatic roles like ALI and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. The man has talent. It’s good to see him return to something a little more adult and a little more dark. I mean he IS playing a “criminal” here, after all. This may be as close as we’ll get to seeing this BAD BOY play a villain.

Will Smith… still “Fresh”… he must “Focus” on exercise or sumthin…

I look forward to the possibilities of FOCUS. Maybe Smith’s character will end up being  a little more devious, and our hero will actually be Robbie? A long con requires “focus” right. Maybe Robbie’s playing dumb & innocent, using her beauty as a distraction to con this “professional” con man. I just hope she’s a “confidence” woman herself, and not an undercover agent or something.

Is there a longer con running, hidden under the surface?

I can’t wait to find out a bit more about FOCUS in the next trailer. Some movies, I prefer to know very little going in. Watching trailers helps me decide whether or not I want to know more, and obviously whether or not I’m compelled enough to watch the movie upon release.

FOCUS has my attention. It looks like a solid drama / thriller for adults. There’s not enough of those with this sort of budget, right. Fingers crossed that this will do well enough to encourage studios to make even more.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to watching Will Smith in something a little edgier? Would you like to see him play a villain?

NERD ALERT 2000: Smith & Robbie co-starring together may lend more weight to the rumours that he could join her in the new comic book movie SUICIDE SQUAD. Especially if they had chemistry and formed a friendship.

Just sayin’… fanboy movie nerd pipedream, eh… Will Smith for villain alongside Robbie’s HARLEY QUINN as The JOKER?!

Harley Quinn forces Deadshot to wear the cut-off face of THE JOKER.

What do you think of Margot Robbie? Is she a one hit wonder undeserved of the hype?

Did you like the songs highlighted in the trailer? A few good ones, no?

Aussie Margot Robbie is set to play Harley Quinn in DC Comics SUICIDE SQUAD.

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