fresh/press TV – THE WALKING DEAD (season 5)

This season is well underway, and I like its slow sulking gait. I’ve always been a fan of the character development in THE WALKING DEAD. It’s what makes me care about this zombie apocalypse. Sure, each week we get an exciting scenario that our heroes must survive. I have no fear that each episode will contain its fair amount of zombie slayage. And I look forward to their gooey demise. But the “walking dead” that I’m most interested in with this show are the humans.

the players

Season 5 has slightly altered its approach. In a fashion similar to my cult fav LOST, each week we are focused on one character, or one group of heroes. I much prefer these isolated episodes rather than cutting back & forth between settings each Sunday night. If we see every character in every episode there would be too much clutter as they all get crammed in. For me, I do NOT want to spend one minute here, then three minutes there.

” B b brrrr aaaiinnnsssss! “

So far we’ve followed Rick’s crew at TERMINUS. Their escape was brutal. It was actually frightening to see Rick act so savage. I’m thinking about using that machete, like he promised he would. Then we shifted our focus to a nearly abandoned church. The preacher’s backstory was chilling. Then we got tainted meat. Yeah. Chew on that.

Welcome to Terminus… Wasn’t that name an ominous little hint? Terminal? Terminate? De-termin-ed to eat you like a zombie…

The highlight for the season thus far was Beth’s episode. I’m aware of some unsatisfied viewers on that one. I do not understand that. I imagine it has to do with limited zombie stuff and lack of interest in Beth’s character. The most unsettling moment for me was the scene with the candy sucker. Geeze. Just made me squirm more than a zombie. Beth’s story arc is rather interesting for me, from losing family members to connecting with Daryl. By the end, I love how Beth is ready to escape again. Willing to kill the doctor. Until Carol arrives on a stretcher. W-w-what?

Beth at the hospital with WHALE RIDER and a sucker

I have a theory on that… I’m sayin’ Carol is fake-injured. She and Daryl already reconned the hospital. Maybe they even ran across the limping escapee Noah and he pointed them in the right direction? Regardless, their plan is to infiltrate the place without violence. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the numbers, or a number of bullets? So I’m thinking there’s a sneak attack coming soon, with Daryl leading the way. I just hope Beth doesn’t tell the hospital folks that she knows Carol?

Carol & Daryl. Celeb couple name… Dar-ol? Or Car-yl?

Last week, we spent time with Glenn’s crew. We learn a lot more about Abraham and Mr. Mullet. There was a touching moment there when he was ready to kill himself. Abraham had lost all hope. He wanted an answer from God. Why? Or a mission. He needed guidance. And as fate would have it, he meets the scientist who can save the world. I love how the later twist was revealed. Abraham must be doubting his purpose again? I hope his cut didn’t get infected somehow? What would he do then? Does he already know? Is that why he was determined to drive through that zombie herd – because his “clock” is ticking.

Who’s going to die next? I am not up-to-date with the comics, so I have no idea. But I get a sneaking suspicion that my main man Glenn may be in trouble. Early in the season there were some visual clues that suggested this to me. Now, granted, I may be reading way too much into it. I don’t recall the specific Bible quote that was framed in the background behind Glenn, but it was foreboding if you connected it to his (possible) future fate.

Tonight it looks like we’re going to get a spotlight shown on Daryl & Caryl. And I’m sure fanboys everywhere can NOT wait. This is the episode most fans have been waiting for. Enjoy the show, fellow nerds.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the isolated stories? Or would like a return to the previous format?

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