fresh/press TV – THE WALKING DEAD – S5E6

THE WALKING DEAD delivered another atmospheric & heart-pounding episode tonight. The focus was on Carol & Daryl and their developing relationship. In between the horror & zombie carnage there was a lot of emotion. I’m really enjoying the format of isolated episodes this season. It’s a refreshing change of pace. Now, let’s chew on some details.

CLICK on Carol to watch the sneak preview of the NEXT EPISODE

“HITCHHIKERS MAY BE ESCAPED INMATES.” I love the moment where Carol passes this sign. In a way, it refers to them escaping from forced captivity in Terminus. It made me chuckle. The opening montage gets us caught up on what Carol did with her time away from the group. I like it when THE WALKING DEAD has these dialogue-free moments pairing a song with visuals.

the road beckons the free


I jumped when the zombie banged on the car during Carol & Daryl’s “stakeout”. Was that Emilio Estevez? Sorry, 80s joke. The next bit was really atmospheric as they searched the dark halls with flashlights, horror lurking around the corner. Very moody. Once they prepare for bed we get some relationship building, as Carol jests like one of the guys. She thinks the bottom bunk suits him. I’m thinking she’s taking a dig at his masculinity. I mean, the bed had a pink blanket, right. .

Carol & Daryl on the road…

There were a couple of nice moments though. Like when Carol stares at her reflection and Daryl asks, “Whatcha thinkin?” I’m guessing she’s reflecting on how much she’s changed, physically & emotionally. Another moment was Carol laying back on the pillow, the right side of the TV frame just waiting for Daryl to lay back, much like her desire(?) As soon as he does,they are interrupted by a threat.

…and the road was long.

Carol reminds me of another complex emotional heroine who can kick ass: RIPLEY (Sigourney Weaver in ALIENS). Both women are similarly motivated by the loss of their children. A haunting image during this episode was the foggy glass silhouettes of zombie mother & daughter. This could be her. If she hadn’t gained so much strength. She is unsettled by the memory of her child, and more recently the delusional young girl from last season whom she thought she could help change.

reflecting on the road traveled

A few honourable mentions go to TOM SAWYER book and the hallway of zombie sleeping bags. The visuals hint at a horrifying backstory we can imagine ourselves. Those creepy little caterpillars writhing in their death cocoons.

I liked the next emotional scene between Carol & Daryl. The sad musical score was really impressive too. With those reflective moments, the score helps us explore Carol’s internal emotions much like the flashlights in the dark hallways, horrors lurking around the corners. Character & emotion were King & Queen tonight on THE WALKING DEAD. Thank you, cast & crew.

More action & intensity came with the tipped van stuff. Believable? As zombies, I suppose… The score during Noah encounter part 2 was great, reminding me of John Carpenter’s in THE THING… Daryl finds smokes. That’s got to feel like hidden treasure in the Apocalypse. Good thing they spared Noah. Otherwise, they might not know about Beth.


Daryl with Beth, from last season when they built a bond over Moonshine & music.

It looks like Carol got picked up by the medics. So it’s up to Daryl to come up with a plan? I hope he goes for backup. Maybe Glenn and Abraham et al. will have decided to return as well? Needless to say, I can’t wait for next Sunday.

What did you think? Too mushy? Not enough Zack Attack?

Will Abraham’s crew head back to Rick’s? Will they be gone to the hospital and miss each other?

If they reboot RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD, I’m sayin’ Norman Reedus.

Anyone else entertain both sides of the brain Sunday nights?  I start with HBO’s NEWSROOM, then cleanse my pallet by watching PVR’d DEAD after. What’s your viewing ritual?

OLIVIA MUNN co-stars in NEWSROOM. My fellow nerds may remember her from ATTACK OF THE SHOW. So, there’s 1 reason to watch. CLICK on Wonder Wo-Munn for a SNEAK PREVIEW.



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