fresh/press TRAILERS – Disney’s TOMORROWLAND

There’s an imaginative new fantasy on the horizon. It’s called TOMORROWLAND. It’s important to note the film’s director is BRAD BIRD (the INCREDIBLES). He recently proved he can do live-action Action with the last MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. While this movie is connected to Disney’s theme-park attraction, I feel like what we have here is an intriguing original(?) concept – a rarity in this day-and-age of remakes, sequels, prequels, and reboots.

CLICK on the image to watch the TRAILER

We meet our main character (BRITT ROBERTSON) as she is released from jail. Amongst her belongings is a small little pin that she doesn’t recognize, “This isn’t mine.” Upon touching the pin her surroundings instantly transform. She retreats her hand with a gasp, and “her world” returns.

the magical pin a.k.a. key to a dimensional portal (?)

The actual special effects of this sequence are rather impressive. A smash-cut where the background is replaced on a locked-off camera shot. Simple. Effective. Seamless. Will TOMORROWLAND be a loving homage to THE WIZARD OF OZ? “There’s no place like home.”

I’m going to speculate here. Skip this paragraph if you want to avoid any theories that could potentially spoil the actual movie. I have read no rumours, I’m just pulling this out of my as—um, I mean, nerdy little brain. So… wouldn’t it be interesting if “Home” for this Dorothy is the “other world” where she must return. In effect, she has been “imprisoned” on Earth. Upon hindsight, the opening scene of the trailer was metaphorical for me suggesting this sort of twist. I feel like the filmmakers were purposeful in this parallel. Either way, it suggests a mystery to be solved.

Britt Roberston co-stars on the TV series UNDER THE DOME

I think there are several mysteries brewing in this attention-grabbing trailer. The preview is accompanied by a voice-over from GEORGE CLOONEY. When we meet his character we get another hint at a larger secret behind-the-scenes mystery… quite literally too, as the background behind Clooney is a bank of monitors like a television editing suite.

Is he the Wizard of this Oz? Is there some sort of TRUMAN SHOW reality TV element? Or is he simply running an actual theme park?

The trailer for TOMORROWLAND definitely sold this premise to me. I eagerly await its arrival due to the talent on board and the imaginative concept.

What do you think? Did the trailer tease you just enough? Or do you need to know more?

Are you ready for another WIZARD OF OZ?

A familiar horizon?

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