WE THE NORTH – “And All That Jazz”

Tonight, the Toronto RAPTORS play against the Utah JAZZ. The Raps had a tough loss last go around. I hope they come out guns blazing tonight against the squad of youngsters from Utah.

Skywalker, the Force is with DeRozan

The Jazz are stuck in the Western Conference, home to the NBA’s heavy-weight teams. You get 50 wins in the West and you still might not make the playoffs. That’s how steep the competition is. Utah will have a tough time climbing up the rankings this season.

Derrick Favors

They have a couple of stand-out players. I’m thinking first off DERRICK FAVORS –their versatile big man. He can tough it out with the trees, but also score with finesse. Their 2nd “Main Man” is GORDON HAYWARD whose game has really blossomed lately. He’s their go to swingman that can score in a variety of ways.

The younger talent on board have a lot of promise. ALEC BURKS provides some scoring at off-guard. Meanwhile, TREY BURKE is coming along nicely running the point in his sophomore year. He has a chance to be a 15 and 8 type player. The Jazz also have a prospect in AUSTRALIAN combo-guard DANTE EXUM. He has a chance to be a Gary Payton-type player. A pest on defence, and quick to drive & shoot. He’s one of the rooks I have my eye on. By the time the draft came along this past summer his stock had risen significantly.

Dante Exum, Utah via Australia

The Raps should get a win tonight. I expect them to focus on Favors and hopefully shut him down. I’m a little worried one of the young guards might go off. The Jazz may not seem like the best of teams, but I’m not ready to dismiss them. They play stiff competition in the West. From their point of view, they must be thinking playing an Eastern team they have a chance for a win. Add to that, Toronto is one of the best in the East, so the Jazz might be boosted by the desire to make a statement. The East is weak, so they have a chance for a “W”.

Amir Johnson – the beast

Good luck, Utah. I think you’ll need it.

the best Jazz ever


Raptors win, Raptors win, Raptors win… The first 3 quarters were close. But We the North, and like Matt Devlin says, “We the 4th.”

JV came out strong tonight with a double-double. But really it was the bench. First, it was the mini-microwave, Lou Williams. And then it was Double-Pat, PATRICK PATTERSON, who double-tapped the Jazz with 3s like it w

as ZOMBIELAND or something. Double-Pat saves the day.

Patrick Patterson – the hitman

Let’s go RAPS! 8 – 2 on the season, with another WIN at Home.

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