A trailer for a new ADAM SANDLER flick was recently released. Now, I haven’t got excited for a Sandler movie in years. I never heard of THE COBBLER, so I watch it to find out. I’m glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised. Sandler plays a disheveled & depressed shoe repairer. He uses a tucked-away ancient machine that somehow magically lets him “become” the owner of those shoes.Sound hokey? Stick with it.

CLICK on the image to watch the TRAILER

THE COBBLER comes to us from the director of THE STATION AGENT (with Peter Dinklage) and THE VISITOR. A dramatic tone is set nice & early on in the trailer. Then it gets a little humorous with Method Man’s appearance. I got worried there.

I had my hopes up. Is Sandler being brave again? Is he attempting another bold dramatic performance like PUNCH DRUNK LOVE? With the shift to humour my eyes rolled and I edged towards dismissal. Then it got whimsical with DUSTIN HOFFMAN’s apperance.

Dustin Hoffman co-stars in THE COBBLER

By the end, I was feeling melancholy. This Adam Sandler flick could be an emotional tearjerker?  What?! I can’t believe I said that either. While I’m sure the trailer will get an unfair dose of criticism, I think it’s better to set aside your prejudices (which Sandler earned) and be open-minded with THE COBBLER.

The most touching scene in the trailer involves Dustin Hoffman. Well, in a roundabout kind of way. Hoffman plays Sandler’s deceased father. His mother is devasted. She’s all but given up on life. All she wants is to see her husband once again. Enter magic. Sandler fixes his dad’s shoes and walks a mile in them. He gives his mother what she desires. And in the process better understands their complicated(?) relationship. Touching stuff.

When I was a teen I loved Sandler – from his SNL characters to his music/skit albums. Then he moved on to feature films. I loved the sheer stupidity of BILLY MADISON and HAPPY GILMORE. My favourite forgotten comedy is BULLETPROOF with Damon Wayans. Then Sandler started to focus on slapstick-laden family morality tales like BIG DADDY and CLICK. Lately, I don’t even bother with his stuff like GROWN UPS or JACK & JILL.

This comedian has had quite a successful career. I’m so happy he’s taking a risk with something more dramatic like THE COBBLER. I feel like it will balance all of the elements we expect from Opera Man with something new. I am looking forward to watching THIS Adam Sandler. There, I said it again. Maybe now, framed by context, this recommendation makes a bit more sense (?)

What do you think? Do you need a little more convincing?

Did you like his previous dramatic performance in PUNCH DRUNK LOVE? Or was that due to director P.T. Anderson’s influence?




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