fresh/press TRAILERS – Nov.15

The latest trailer for Ridley Scott’s EXODUS awaits your eyeballs. Every time I hear that title I can’t help but think of that Reggae song with the lyrics, “Movement of the people.” By the by, I hope this adaptation of the Biblical tale is a distant cousin to the animated musical PRINCE OF EGYPT. This version of the familiar story stars CHRISTIAN BALE as Moses, and JOEL EDGERTON as Ramses.

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Most of us are familiar with Exodus and its historical significance. For me, I’m excited to see history through Ridley’s eyes again. I love it when he works in this genre – from the recognized GLADIATOR to the unrecognized KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. In regards to historical accuracy (or faith to the religious text), I love how Ridley always interprets the stories in a way that serves the film. If it’s inaccurate, but helps the movie, he couldn’t care less. He serves the audience. If we want the truth of the material, hopefully he inspires us to explore further research.

Edgerton VS Bale

Ridley Scott blows cigar smoke in the face of historians. He’s making a feature film, not a documentary.

Ridley Scott, one of the best contemporary directors

Speaking of controversy, the casting choices are steeped in it. While I would love to see a large-scale epic like this starring Chiwetel EJIOFOR as Moses & Idris ELBA as Ramses, I’m not making the movie – I’m watching it. Maybe the next Egyptian tale to hit screens could take advantage of the lack of blockbusters NOT lead by White guys? I’d love to see the greatest story never told – that of OSIRIS and his evil brother SET. I’ve written that screenplay already. But I digress…

Black Moses, and no I’m not referring to the Isaac Hayes album.

To be fair, Egypt was multi-cultural, right. People were drawn to its majestic wonder from the world over. So maybe Europeans somehow made the trip? I’m just sayin’. The leap of faith here shouldn’t be on believing those White guys are African, but rather regarding burning bushes that talk and giant seas that part on command. Um, right? It’s a movie. I, for one, can’t wait to see the spectacles of the Bible on the big screen. I take it for what it is.

Pure. Spectacle. Notice the emphasis on scale. Big wave. Small horse.

And what it IS looks very impressive. The scale of those action scenes are far more epic than that old Charlton Heston flick.  The trailer makes sure to highlight the giant wave. The sense of scale in that specific moment is tremendously effective. The sneak preview also spotlights the actors (including AARON PAUL & Sigourney Weaver) and serious tone. I hope we get to see Moses deal with fears of insanity. Did he hallucinate? Was God really talking to him? I’m sure the man that walked the Earth must have considered this.


Are you looking forward to this sword-and-sandal epic? Or are you worried this will be another NOAH?

Would you prefer a focus on the Bible’s story, or history?

What’s your favourite Ridley Scott movie not called ALIEN or BLADE RUNNER?

Ridley’s take on The Crusades, with a multi-dimensional Saladin


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