fresh/press TRAILERS – Nov.14

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The new trailer for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY just hit the Interwebs. A naughty little book adapted from steamy TWILIGHT fan-fiction. I’m not sure where the story goes but I’m thinking more like PRETTY WOMAN, less like HOSTEL. I’m reminded of Jamie Bell’s S&M segment in Lars Von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC.

Dormer & Johnson

I suppose I’m not the target audience for 50, and I hate to say it, but the trailer was rather intriguing. Sure we have hot bodies rollicking between the sheets, but what else? I’m curious where the mystery will go. Does Mr. Dominatrix go full on Jason Vorhees? Or does our young submissive heroine turn the tables on Sir Whips-A-Lot?

The young talent on board made me hesitant at first. This is bold controversial material so it makes sense that a rising star like Charlie Hunnam (SONS OF ANARCHY) would drop out of his commitment to this role of Christian Grey. I have faith in Jax’s replacement though. I really loved JAMIE DORNAN’s performance in the brilliantly under-rated UK TV show THE FALL. Even without dialogue, this man had menace. His role in this series also involves rather dark sexual material. Don’t let this show SLIP/THROUGH the cracks.

Dornan as the baddie in the amazing UK show THE FALL

Our lead character is played by DAKOTA JOHNSON. She is the offspring of Don Johnson (MIAMI VICE) and Melanie Griffith (WORKING GIRL). I think both of her parents are under-appreciated for their talent. Let’s hope Dakota doesn’t get type-cast like her mother. Since I don’t know the details of her character’s arc, I can only comment on her presence in the trailer. Her soft innocent demeanour will surely shift. I anticipate her transformation.

Dakota Johnson

What do you think? Did they cast these roles totally wrong?


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A new trailer arrived from the UK for an indie sci-fi called ROBOT OVERLORDS. Despite the clunky B-Movie title the movie looks rather promising. Sometime in the future, after the Apocalypse… isn’t that how most movies are pitched now-a-days. Okay. Rewind. Bllt rrr bllt… Teens discover new superpowers and use them against their robotic oppressors.

Despite a low budget, this movie looks like it’s full of over-the-top action sequences and tons of special effects. I’m reminded of indies like DISTRICT 9 or DAYBREAKERS that pull of a Hollywood aesthetic with a miniscule budget. The robotic designs are far from bland. There’s a variety of flavour on display in this trailer.

low budget sci-fi at its best – DISTRICT 9

Watching this trailer reminded of another instant cult classic indie sci-fi: CHRONICLE. Teens get powers and chronicle the events with a camera. With ROBOT, they ditch the found footage approach, but keep the focus on youths dealing with metamorphosis. This is a familiar strong metaphor for adulthood commonly utilized by this popular genre.  So this movie treads on familiar territory but through a unique lens, and hopefully a unique voice.

The star-power comes from co-stars GANDHI himself, Ben Kingsley, and GILLIAN ANDERSON (she of X-FILES and the UK’s THE FALL). The young stars are unknowns. At least to me. I look forward to the fresh faces and a British vision of these Young Adult sci-fi franchises that are popping up everywhere. If we’re lucky we’ll get another CHRONICLE. If we are truly fortunate, we’ll get another ATTACK THE BLOCK (find it).

Scully returns to sci-fi


What do you think? Have you had enough Young Adult movies? Are you looking forward to this release?

Or is this just a robot rip-off of CHRONICLE?

So... What'd you think?

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