TARANTINO RETIRES?! celluloid weeps

10 films. That’s what Quentin Tarantino’s legacy will boil down to. 10 films? No way?

No. Way?! To use a metaphor, I appreciate the idea of playing your final game when you’re leading the league in scoring. But even Jordan came back to win more championships. Plural. QT can’t QuiT.

CLICK image for an in-depth article about Tarantino’s proposed retirement.

I just read this amazing in-depth article interviewing Quentin Tarantino. My emotional rant / nostalgic post here was inpired by the news & the details within this excellent article. After I hit you with melancholy, CLICK on the genius’ picture to SLIP on over to the article’s source site.

one of the few rare independent films that SLIPped into pop culture

My favourite film of all time is PULP FICTION. All. Time.  I was in high school when it was released on VHS. I fell in love. This was a film that worked on absolutely every level. It even had a good message by that final diner scene.

I even brought that scene between Samuel L. Jackson and the robbers into school for a presentation. In religion class. For an assigned reflection. I could see the message hidden under the constant swearing. My religion teacher? Not so much. I tried to signal her to plug her ears at certain, um, key phrases. No dice. I had to redo -that- assignment. Alas, I digress.

Hey kids – this is what the Internet used to look like

I discovered Tarantino as a teen, long before blogs, in a magazine called FANGORIA. The centerfold for this special FX make-up magazine was Tim Roth, gun raised and bleeding to death on a warehouse floor. An iconic image I discovered came from an indie movie called RESERVOIR DOGS. I had no idea what that title meant, but I had to find out what happened to this guy.

not your typical Centerfold

Conversely, Tarantino’s Fangoria interview within those tethered pages highlighted tons of cult movie references – pointing me to essential viewing like John Woo’s THE KILLER, starring Chow Yun-Fat. It was then I knew this writer/director was a film nerd like a lot of us, making movies he wants to see.

don’t let this gem SLIP/THROUGH your hands… as far as top notch foreign action flicks this is on pair with THE RAID 2… you’re welcome

So, I go rent this movie called Res–erve–ation–oir Dogs, or whatever it’s called, and my mind is blown. Wide open. Like full on SCANNERS style. People in movies -can- talk like this? Why don’t they always? I realized the writer & director must be responsible for this unique voice. It was one man. Some guy who taught himself how to write by absorbing every genre during his time working at a video store. A nerd. Like me. This started my romantic love affair with this strange madman. A once in a generation artist. QT can’t QuiT.

I’m sure many of his adoring fans have similar experiences.  Tarantino changed the face of movies, and more importantly the voice. It begs the question, if there’s no QT is there no Kevin Smith, Guy Ritchie, Nicolas Wending Refn…

the first Kevin Smith movie made by maxing out his credit card… an indie masterpiece of dialogue

And Quentin kept evolving, balancing b-movie madness projects like FROM DUSK TIL DAWN (launched George Clooney into cinemas) and DEATHPROOF, with the mad brew of KILL BILL, to the recent cinematic experiences of BASTERDS and DJANGO. Movies would be so different without his work. After all,  MIRAMAX is referred to as the House that Quentin built. His influence is undeniable. I’m sayin’. QT can’t QuiT.

written by Tarantino, directed by kindred spirit Robert Rodriguez

Next comes HATEFUL EIGHT. Another Western. I’m already in line. No trailer needed. No spoilers or news required. I’m there. QT can’t QuiT. After 8, there is 9 & 10, then nothing.  Nothing? I can’t believe it. I won’t.

Film # 8 (of 10)

To quote Ani DeFranco, “Before long, there is short. Before short, there is nothing. Before nothing,  there is always the possibility of something.” Tarantino can’t quit. If he retires, I suppose there’s always that hope he will return for an encore.

For now, I hope for HATEFUL to win Best Picture, and edge Quentin towards making #11. I’m also very excited he is filming this project in 70mm. That’s a super wide filmstock designed for the cinema experience. Film is dying. Digital has infected the world. I hope purists & artists of the Academy reward him for preserving the love of the art form by celebrating the medium.

What do you think? Are you crestfallen like me? Are you excited about 70mm? What are your thoughts on digital films?

What was your 1st encounter with Tarantino? Expect some QT movie reviews soon.

And if QT retires, how long before see his work remade? Who should helm that? How do you recast RESERVOIR DOGS or PULP FICTION? I’d love to hear from you.

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