deconstructing trailers – AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


sed a new trailer for the 2nd AVENGERS. It’s not like they -need- to spread awareness, but I’m glad they did. For me, the trailer sells atmosphere. And I’m buying.

I have to comment on the music, then I’ll dive into the images. To me it didn’t seem like there was much new footage. What was strong in the previous trailer remains – like the striking visuals complimented by a haunting rendition of that PINOCCHIO song, “I Have No Strings.”

CLICK on the strings to hear that song

The subtext is thick. Control. Freedom. Themes to be further explored in CIVIL WAR. From the trailer, it seems like ULTRON wants to be “a real boy”. Creepy stuff – blurring our empathy for the robot as he not only strives for freedom, but also an introspective existence.

“Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well.”

Match the song with the compelling visuals and we have a spectacular trailer. What we have here is an impressive voice-over by James Spader narrating the spectacular voice of Joss Whedon – the master puppeteer of this massive cast of complex characters.

Joss Whedon, the true Captain of THE AVENGERS

This trailer focuses on the emotional stakes. I’m grateful for that. I already know AVENGERS are fun. I already know this flick will be crammed with the craziest action scenes of the year. But I didn’t know it would have drama. I fully trust Whedon is capable of balancing all these elements. I think he knows what we want to see because he’s been dreaming it up since he was a teenager. The stars have aligned. And we all benefit.

the original storyboards

Now onto some specific moments I chose to isolate.

The HULKBUSTER armour was a real visual show-stopper. Awe-mazing! This image is why I’

m not worried about this movie being all dark & depressing. It will have Hulk vs Iron Man. ‘Nuff said.

Now who’s inside that armour? Is it Tony? Or Ultron within the suit within the suit within… It’s like those little Russian Dolls. Needless to say, every Marvel fan has now justified their ticket purchase just to watch this battle.

I’ve never read the ULTRON comics, so this drastic image really intrigues me. I

 think I remember that Captain America’s shield is made of adamantiu– I mean the indestructible Vibranium. So how did it get, um, destructed? I have a theory for another image where I’ll get into that. For now, I’ll say Ultron is made of Vibranium.

From comics, I partially recall that this precious rare metal is from Wakanda(?) – the home of BLACK PANTHER. This ties in with the recently announced future stand-alone Marvel movie. I can’t wait to see this broken shield in the proper context.

Marvel gets another Scarlet

Elizabeth Olsen is one of my favourite young actors. I look forward to her appearence as the SCARLET WITCH. In the comics, she is sister to Quicksilver and daughter to Magneto. Because of copyright issues it creates a mucky situation. Ditto for the term “mutant”. It will be interesting to see how these characters will be introduced.

origin time (?)

It looks like we will get BLACK WIDOW’S backstory. Was she a ballerina? What happened to draw her towards violence and espionage. This is the sort of drama and character exploration I look forward to. This sort of opportunity will showcase Joss Whedon’s full range of talents, and give Scarlett Johansson a chance to share her’s to the blockbuster audience.

that look says so much

I’m thinking Widow will have to rein in the Hulk. Like maybe a confrontation reminds the Banner within of their first meeting & the subsequent relationship formed.

The stuff with shirtless Banner in the winter woods was compelling? What happened? Was he trying to keep the beast at bay – until someone/something provoked him? These are all exciting elements that don’t involve smashing the Hulkbuster.

a sneak preview of next Halloween’s most popular Jack-o-Lantern

If Ultron is made of Vibranium, maybe he found a way to destroy it? Maybe some sort of burning energy? From within? It looks like the light within has scorched & melted metal mask? Are these the same marks on Captain America’s shield?

What did you think of the new trailer? Comment below.

What was your favourite part?

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