best of SUMMER MOVIES – #5


A subdued monster movie? Is it even possible? Well, yeah. And with GODZILLA, now it’s happened twice from the same director: indie renegade Gareth Edwards. His first film was simply titled MONSTERS. This little movie will divert your expectations by focusing on character and emotion. The giant creatures literally take to the background.

seek this out… you’re welcome

Here’s what’s king with Edwards: ATMOSPHERE. He stages with brilliance. Kubrick meets Spielberg meets Abrams. Wait, are those last 2 the same? I jest, unless…

Edwards successfully translated his subtle vision (on full display in micro-budgeted MONSTERS) to the megaplex for the mega-budgeted GODZILLA. Too bad the same can’t be said for the character work this time around. Maybe the Hollywood script is to blame?

Grrr Arggh… a really big Mutant Enemy (?)… or hero?

Despite some rather convenient situations, GODZILLA delivered truly epic action. It’s like a melting pot of various iconic visual directors, most notably Mr. Steven Spielberg. And this gumbo is tasty.

What I loved most about this version of the famous Japanese monster is the staging. We get brief glimpses of the creature, slowly building towards the climactic battle. From the camerawork on the ground-level of disaster, to the eerily lit (and haunting score of the) skydiving sequence, there are several visually striking sequences to feast upon.

Where’s Bodhi? Best skydiving since POINT BREAK

A lot of criticism points to the snail’s pace or not enough monster stuff. I disagree somewhat. It’s not like there aren’t other creatures to gawk at. The Mutos have much more screen-time than I expected. Although, I would have liked to further explore the sub-theme of Godzilla as the hero.

Brand new, you’re Retro

The visuals are the strong point here. Character work takes a backseat to plot, but that is to be expected from a fun popcorn summer movie. Although we do get impressive emotion from the characters in the lengthy opening sequence.

What’s that smell? BTW does Godzilla fart? And what is the collateral damage?

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I feel like it would have been more compelling to spend our time with characters from the opening sequence. I always prefer the regular Joe as a hero, rather than a military / soldier type.

Mr. WHITE? Did we get the wrong Aaron to co-star? Mr. Paul? Anyone? Anyone? BUELLER?

Of course this preference is not indicative of the young talent In fact, Elizabeth Olsen has been a favourite of mine since I saw her the criminally ignored hidden gem MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. Find it, somehow. Don’t let this important little movie SLIP/THROUGH the cracks.



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don’t let this SLIP/THROUGH your hands… CLICK & watch official TRAILER

What do you think? Leave a comment.

Was GODZILLA a total bore? Is this giant creature a hero? Did you miss Matthew Broderick?

Bueller should have taken this Day Off too


Looks like we might get a crossover battle with Godzilla VS King Kong… Who else would make a good battle? Let me know… Comment This…

I just tried to think of something non-threatening

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