best of SUMMER MOVIES – #4


Just what I needed: a superhero movie with time travel. No, really. I’m serious. That’s not sarcasm there. I know, it’s hard to tell with writing… On the Internet… Which -never- has sarcasm. Um, see what happens. But really… I never even knew –that’s- what I needed. Superheroes & time travel. The latest X-MEN totally hits every note on the nerd scale. I love the harmony.

Remember when movie sequels had numbers?

The complicated plot would only sound convoluted should I describe it here. What I will say is this movie has some balls. It’s bold. We meet the future heroes, just before they are all slaughtered. Wow. So that’s an interesting way to start a movie.

Retro, you’re Brand New

Time is a strange & curious thing. By manipulating time, the X-MEN must find a way to avert disaster. This involves going back to the 70s. Yes. I love watching superheroes in other eras. What happens between the past & future are deftly handled by the creators of this film.

The creative team behind FUTURE PAST have added several compelling new elements while balancing what old school nerds loved about the original source material. Kudos to writer Simon Kinberg (show runner for the impressive new show STAR WARS: REBELS).

the original comic written by Chris Claremont

While comic book purists may feel slightly dissatisfied with the changes from the original book (IE: KITTY PRIDE’s drastic role change), I feel for the movie medium it was expertly crafted. The biggest change is shifting the focus to Wolverine.

Which makes sense, he’s the biggest draw for most movie-goers. I found the excuses for this shift were more than adequate. Time travel hurts you brain. Logan’s brain heals. Makes sense as far as a comic book movie should.

What unfolds over the course of the movie is a secret I will keep just in case I spoil it for someone. This is a superhero movie that could change the minds of the more cynical / jaded purists who may be hesitant. We have a smart script for this genre. And it’s just complicated enough.

the cast from the original Singer helmed film

Trying to explain timelines and such would be just as confusing as explaining how the series of X-MEN movies connect across the franchise – from the original trilogy, to the Wolverine movies, to the FIRST CLASS series.

It’s best to remember that FOX brought back the original director BRYAN SINGER (also of USUAL SUSPECTS fame) to handle this complex project. By the way, don’t let that 90s classic SLIP/THROUGH your nerdy little hands. Find it. Hopefully on your shelf.

behind the scenes

I can’t say it well enough. If you like summer movies. Watch this one. It’s on BluRay now and worthy to add to your collection. You’ll scratch your head, you’ll have fun with the action sequences, you’ll laugh, and you’ll even have enough subtext to chew on. Plus, um, Jennifer Lawrence in body paint(?) Oh yeah… I went there.

Blue skin got you down? Remember, there’s always a Silver Lining.

And, unlike everyone else, I didn’t even have to mention the scene-stealing QUICKSILVER & his jaw-dropping hallucinogenic action sequence once. Um. Until I just did… Dur.



How can AVENGERS 2 top this version of Quicksilver?

What did you think of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST? Leave a comment.

Are you interested in another FIRST CLASS movie – set in the 1980s? What story would you like them to adapt?

Is it time to meet THE NEW WARRIORS and their leader from the future, CABLE?

‘Nuff said

Or are you fed up with fun action movies going dark & complicated? I’d love to know.

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