best of SUMMER MOVIES – #3


If superhero movies were made in the 70s they might end up like WINTER SOLDIER. A smart plot involving political conspiracy blended with intense chases and action. Oh, and you’d have ROBERT REDFORD playing our man Cap instead. Just sayin’.

a young all-American Redford

MARVEL STUDIOS movies deliver. Plain & simple. Right. We all know that. But now it’s getting to the point where they are hitting on all cylinders. There was a plot. The villain was better than a lot of earlier Marvel work. There were several exciting grand-scale action scenes. And of course they manage to sneak in some good humour.

greatest To-Do-List ever… the UK, USA, and China all have unique versions of their own

What this equates to is a super-enjoyable and intriguing summer movie. A real rarity. Even more rare, is how this comic book movie doesn’t alienate the average film-goer. You don’t need to read the comics to enjoy this flick. You don’t need to know future story developments that only readers would know. WINTER SOLDIER just delivers. On every level.

So if Cap was the one frozen in ice for decades shouldn’t he be the, um…. yeah you get it

Now, if you –are- a comic book reader, you know how extra RAD this movie was. It’s setting up a much larger scale story that I won’t ruin here. Let’s say the film hinted at future plot developments in the best fashion possible. A CIVIL WAR is brewing under the surface.

art imitates… art

Since Cap works for SHIELD he’s never really on a solo mission. However, the bold new directors did find time to deliver a great solo moment for Cap in a cramped elevator full of baddies.

they wouldn’t stop singing about that Girl From Impemina

I really enjoyed how well they develop multiple characters like BLACK WIDOW, NICK FURY, and FALCON with minimal screentime. Everyone gets to shine in their own moment. Marvel knows how to spolight. A focus lacking in some of DC’s superhero movies.

CLICK on Widow to watch the latest AVENGERS 2 trailer… it looks like we’ll finally get her origin story

The writing in WINTER SOLDIER is so tight & concise, keeping a constant momentum, with never a dull moment. When there is no action, there is intrigue. Even Fury gets an amazing sequence early on that almost steals the show.

That car had more gadgets than KNIGHT RIDER. I expected a baby bazooka under that eyepatch.

And Marvel just keeps getting better with each film. I think it’s pretty obvious what my #1 will be. That said, I did not expect this turn of events. I was expecting a dip. For me, the first Cap was pretty bland, and even slow. I remember being disappointed that most of the action was displayed through a montage. A blippin’ montage?!

Fast forward to now where I’ve heard some critics saying this flick deserves an Oscar nomination. Now, I’m not too sure about that one, even if there are 10 nominees for Best Picture. The drama & intrigue is impressive when weighed against others in the genre, but compared to a feature focused on the same elements it just doesn’t compete. Thrillers like A MOST WANTED MAN or GONE GIRL far outweigh even the best of summer Hollywood blockbusters.



HYDRA hackers are hard at work campaigning for Oscars

What do you think? Should WINTER SOLDIER be ranked higher? Or should it be considered movie of the year? Leave a comment.

Are you looking forward to CIVIL WAR, the next instalment in the CAPTAIN AMERICA series? How do you think they handled the comic elements of our new hero the Winter Soldier?

“Civil blood makes Civil hands unclean.”


I’m sayin’… if only they had CGI in the 70s… Mr. Sundance (Redford) would be dyno-mite!

Or would Sundance’s buddy Butch (Paul Newman) be a better Steve Rogers?

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