casting Marvel’s DR. STRANGE

MARVEL STUDIOS released their planned upcoming slate of movies. And then geek-gasms soiled home-made superhero costumes the world over.

Entertainment news sources mention either BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH (the current favourite) or JOAQUIN PHOENIX (failed negotiations) or JARED LETO (which would be far too rad to ever happen) to play the title role in Marvel Studios’ Phase III film DR.STRANGE.

While Cumberbatch is familiar to genre fans, and Joaquin would be a bold choice that I’d love to see, I feel like there’s other names to consider.

Old Benny as SHERLOCK

Once AVENGERS did well I began to speculate what movies Marvel could do next – as any good fanboy should. My choice back then, still remains today: Dr. Strange is PIERCE BROSNAN.

The former BOND star is age appropriate, still charismatic, has

blockbuster experience, and gravitas. I can’t be the only one that gets excited with this possibility.

gravitas (?)

Regarding the character’s backstory, I can –believe- Brosnan as a neurosurgeon. The Stephen Strange I remember had white stripes of hair, suggesting someone older with more experience, right.

Cumberbatch is great. Don’t get me wrong. But he’s a tad youngish, no. The man is SHERLOCK already. He’s been Kahn. He’s been a frickin’ dragon. So yeah, genre fans love him already. No risk. I get it. But maybe no reward too.

It’s time Marvel casts for the parents again, rather than the kids – like they did with IRON MAN. Remember that bold decision? It totally worked.

So, fellow nerds, I say Pierce Brosnan. Think about it. It’s not too hard to imagine THOMAS CROWN in that cloak with swirling magic emanating from within.

Let’s do it Marvel.

What do you think? Leave a comment. Do you ha

ve a casting decision you don’t want to SLIP/THROUGH

 the cracks?

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