MARVEL STUDIOS unleashed it’s feature film plans for the near future. One of their interesting comic book heroes scheduled to hit the silver screen is CAPTAIN MARVEL.

A lot of folks thought if Marvel made a female-led superhero film it would star a more familiar character like Scarlett Johansson’s BLACK WIDOW. Instead we get a hero with strength and powers comparable to SUPERMAN. And that woman is Captain Marvel a.k.a. Catherine Danvers.

Whatever origin story Marvel selects for the screen, I’m sure she will still be a former Air Force pilot. As the audience, we need an actress who we can believe in this capacity. I’d hate to say it, but we don’t want another case of Blake Lively from the GREEN LANTERN movie. I mean she is outta sight. For sure. See…


But she didn’t bring that emotional weight or believability to the role. To be fair, I’m not sure if that’s her fault, or the writer’s, or what.

STARBUCK’S on every corner… fanboys demand Katee Sackhoff

While KATEE SACKHOFF is an obvious choice for sci-fi fanboys, I feel there are better options out there. I’ve heard rumours of JESSICA CHASTAIN. She definitely has the acting chops and the looks. But that rumour was recently shot down by ZERO DARK THIRTY herself.

zero gravity thirty ?

So for my suggestion, I’m thinking outside of the box. I’m thinking of someone who can hold our attention throughout – even stoic moments of stillness. I really love what I’ve seen of this actress. I also feel confident in her work behind the scenes as a writer. So who is it already? Okay, okay. I’m saying BRIT MARLING would be perfect as CAPTAIN MARVEL.

this is Catherine Danvers

Who? I know, right. Maybe not everyone has discovered the hidden gems Marling has crafted already. A real stand-out favourite of mine is her film ANOTHER EARTH. I also liked what she did with THE EAST, as well as her small role in Robert Redford’s THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. Her first film, THE SOUND OF MY VOICE, is a quiet piece of art worth searching for. She holds the movie together.

Brit Marling (actor/writer) in THE SOUND OF MY VOICE

From her sparse writing, to her quiet command of the screen, Brit Marling has presence. She’s also unknown enough and young enough to sign a multi-picture deal on the cheap. You know how Marvel loves to keep these guys locked in for a decade or so.

Conversely, I wonder if Sackhoff will be too old by the end of that deal. Now that may sound harsh, but I’m looking at this through Hollywood’s rose-coloured glasses. When women hit 40 they seem to disappear from the screens. And that is not indicative of their talent, whatsoever. I digress…

stoic magnetic resonance

I hope I may have shone a light on BRIT MARLING for some of you. Discover those hidden gems I mentioned. It helps if you’re alright with slower paced “artsie” films.

CLICK here to watch the OFFICIAL trailer for ANOTHER EARTH. I think some of the imagery and themes are applicable. In fact, it’s practically begging for a fan-made MASH-UP.

It’s hard to find a more perfect combination of beauty, acting, and writing talent in one person. What a good role model for young women: a creative mind saving the world as a superhero in a Hollywood blockbuster. Sign me up.

What do you think about this casting decision? She definitely has the locks too, right. Would an indie darling like Brit Marling even want to act in a Marvel movie?

Who would you like to see play CAPTAIN MARVEL? Maybe there’s another dark horse candidate you don’t want to see SLIP/THROUGH the cracks? I’d love to hear your casting decisons.


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    1. i miss newspapers and magazines… but you’re right we can access this information on the internet… i hope to give a similar experience to what i grew up with nerdy magazines like fangoria, empire, and (still kicking it) entertainment weekly… i hope you like what you find here


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